Mashable, once again goes nuts over Trump

Our American friend writes to say,

Pence is a serious choice; sober, establishment. I prefer him to Newt Gingrich or Chris Christie: the ticket has all the personality it needs with Trump.

The MSM here continue to make fools of themselves; it’s irritating but also helps tarnish what’s left of their reputation.

Trump was formerly nominated tonight, something the media thought they could prevent.

One reason I subscribe to cokesnort Cool media is the fun of watching them freak out over Trump. The funny part is that most of it isn’t even about Trump.

Mashable, for example,

Melania Trump’s speech was run through a plagiarism checker

And so? Melania should use a different speech writing firm next time out. Voters, meanwhile, would have something serious to worry about if the Donald was taking his orders from the GOP donorcrats or the White House.

It goes on: Cool Dude Jesse Williams “easily demolished Melania Trump’s speech on Twitter”

Whattanachievement. Give the man a medal.

And get this: “Hillary Clinton tweeted some sassy responses to Republican convention speakers”

Hillary Clinton cannot be indicted for behaviour that would land anyone else in the United States behind bars. If she wins, it is game over for constitutional government there. Everyone knows this.

Reality check: What are these  has-beens afraid of? That more of the world knows each day that they’re yesterday?

Cools back unconstitutional government in order to retain illegitimately an authority they no longer have legitimately. They would be only too happy to be tax-funded government media, supporting and exercising control over independent media (in the name of social justice and fighting hate, of course).

See also: Why does anyone care how dying mainstream media paint the GOP convention? If Trump were to win in November, we would see a mass slaughter of public attention to the Cool mediocrities. They know it, we know they know it, and they act like they know it.