In praise of Rhodesia

Shame on those white liberals who paint white Rhodesians as oppressors while supporting murdering maniacs like Mugabe

“…Just as American race relations are unravelling, with the odious New York Times running editorials just about excusing the murders of five white police officers in Dallas by a black hoodlum, let’s take it from the top where the battle for Rhodesia is concerned. As I write, public anger has brought Zimbabwe to a standstill. Ninety-two-year-old Mugabe’s 36-year rule has been celebrated at a cost of $1 million while the country is totally broke and unable to pay its civil servants.

Evelyn Waugh had it right. In 1932 he wrote that the unthinkable had come to pass. Europeans were departing Africa, leaving the benighted natives to fend for themselves.

How prescient was Waugh?”

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The ZANU-PF leader saw in his 91st year with the slaughter of wild animals, including an elephant, which were cooked and served to his guests.

Remember when folks went crazy over Cecil?

  • Daviddowntown

    What can one say. It’s plain as the nose on your face.

    • Well they can do anything they want so long as they don’t blame me.

  • Hard Little Machine

    It’s a matter of public record that Ian Smith approached the subject of black rule or shared rule as early as the last 1960’s, early 1970’s. He and many of those around him realized it was foolish to believe that 300,000 whites could hold power over 6.5 million blacks indefinitely. But he also saw, based on what was happening all around him in post colonial Africa that simply turning over everything to them when they were spectacularly unprepared would be a disaster just as it was disaster everywhere.

    This effort failed for a number of reasons both because of the blacks and the whites. Nonetheless once Mugabe, ZANU/ZAPu/F allied themselves with the Marxist Communists in FRELIMO Mozambique and Zambia who in turn were backed by the Soviet Union and Cuba it became hopeless. The blacks were going to win and it didn’t matter what happened after that.

    Mugabe played the west for a few years after 1980, not coming right out and ethnically cleansing the white from Zimbabwe but by 1983 or so he was done with that. Today there’s maybe 2 or 3,000 whites left in Zimbabwe the rest of having fled typically with the shirts on their backs.

    • Alain

      I also recall reading how in the beginning there was only a very small minority of blacks, but as the white build up the country, same thing in SA, and the country started to prosper, blacks flooded in from all surrounding areas due to work opportunities and a better life. Once they greatly increased their numbers they thought they could just take over and things would be the same. Once you kill the goose laying the golden eggs, you get no more golden eggs.

  • terrence22

    I used to know someone who was born in, and grew up in, Rhodesia. It was the bread basket of all of Africa back then. She and her family left Rhodesia, and came to Canada, as soon as it looked like the black tyrant would take over (as did a number of other white people – all of them left behind all their land and possessions). All of them became very successful in Canada. And Zimbabwe has become a bankrupt hell-hole that no longer can feed its people; let alone all of Africa.

    • Alain

      Turn over the running a any successful country to blacks, and it never fails.