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506px-Liberty_Bell_2008A Multi-Culti Thomas Jefferson

When reflecting on the rich history of the city of Philadelphia, one might think of William Penn, Benjamin Franklin, the Liberty Bell, the Declaration of Independence, and the U.S. Constitution. The timeless principles of freedom and liberty speak not only to the Philadelphian but also more broadly to the American. Because of Philadelphia’s significance and contribution to America, its history has become a major target of revisionism. Despite having different motivations, Liberal-progressives and Islamists both share the common goal of turning our founding fathers into advocates of multiculturalism.

Trump-Merkel-691104Donald Trump: I don’t care if I offend Merkel by attacking ‘insane’ migration policy

The German leader is said to have been upset after the presumptive Republican nominee for President branded her open-door migration policy “insane”.

But Mr Trump’s foreign policy advisor Mike Flynn dismissed concerns his comments could harm relations with Germany if he wins race to the White House.

Speaking ahead of the Republican National Convention in Ohio, Mr Flynn said: “If she was offended by it, she was offended by it. That’s the business.

turks in germanyThugs with clubs marching for Erdogan – in Germany

When thousands of Turks took to the streets following President Recep Tayyip Erdogan FaceTime call, and flocked to the streets to defend the country against an attempted coup, the same thing also happened in Berlin and other German cities.

But unlike Turkey, there was no coup started in Germany. With 3.5 million Turks living in Germany, the country is the world’s largest Turkish diaspora. And when there is trouble in Turkey, it automatically creates trouble in Germany.

matt-lauer-as-paris-hiltonMatt Lauer Demands Trump Tell Convention Speakers to ‘Tone Down the Rhetoric’

As presumptive Republican nominee Donald Trump arrived in Cleveland Monday afternoon, he was greeted by NBC Today co-host Matt Lauer hectoring him about the “tone” of the GOP convention, which had barely started: “There’s been so much violence in the country in the last couple of weeks. People are on edge, they’re tense. You add to that the passion that comes with political debate and there are people who are truly afraid that things could boil over here in Cleveland.”

In the interview, aired on Tuesday morning, Lauer demanded Trump promise to keep convention speakers in line: “Would you be willing to make a pledge to speak to everyone involved in this convention and say, ‘Please tone down the rhetoric’?…So can you say to the people who are going to take to that podium this week, ‘No personal attacks, no vitriol, keep it civil’?”

gavin-long-2How the Media Covers Up Muslim and #BlackLivesMatter Terrorism

No sooner are the bloodstains and bits of human flesh hosed off the concrete from the latest Muslim or #BlackLivesMatter terrorist attack and the grieving families ushered through the cold metal doors of impersonal morgues to identify the bodies of their loved ones that the vultures of the media rise above a wounded city and begin spinning the same old lies.

The propaganda, the artful selection and deselection of facts, have become as familiar to us as they were to any of the residents of the Soviet Union or North Korea. Anyone who pays attention knows not only that they are being lied to, but can easily predict the lies that they will be told on the evening news even before they actually hear them being spoken out loud.

We always knew that the Muslim terrorist, even before he was identified, would turn out to be a secular loner who was depressed over his family life. All the media had to do with Mohammed Bouhlel, the Islamic terrorist who murdered 84 people in Nice, France was to replay the same exact narrative as the one that they had fed us with Omar Mateen, the Islamic terrorist who murdered 49 people in Orlando.

whale theme parkUWM prof advocates ‘abolition of whiteness’

Professor Gregory Jay’s personal website is devoted almost entirely to questions of whiteness and racism, with some whole essays on topics of “whiteness studies” addressing questions like “who invented white people?”

In one instance, when discussing a popular allegory from Herman Melville’s Moby Dick, Jay expounds on a quotation about the “whiteness of the whale.”

“The great white whale of racism is a white invention,” he suggests. “It was white people who invented the idea of race in the first place, and it is white people who have become obsessed and consumed by it until, like Captain Ahab, they have become entangled so deeply in pursuing its nature that they self-destruct in the process.”

question-marksForum: Is Islam Compatible With A Free Society?

The Glittering Eye : Of course it is. To the same extent as Christianity or Judaism is.

Islam is inclusive of more diversity of beliefs than Christianity and enormously more than Judaism. Within it is contained variants that are completely compatible with a free society, whatever radical conservatives within Islam and foes of Islam of other confessions might think.

Stately McDaniel Manor : Islam is not compatible with individual or societal freedom. This is not merely an unfortunate side effect, an unintended, unforeseeable consequence of Islam, but its very nature. “Islam” means “submission,” which definition and all of its connotations must be taken very seriously indeed.

Islam is not a religion as Americans define religion. It is rather a political, moral, philosophical, military system with some religious trappings. It’s reason for being, its goal, is to conquer the world and impose, by force of arms, on every human being, Islam. One need not infer this. The Koran plainly and unambiguously requires it.

olympic park rioFears for Rio Olympics terror attack as Brazilian extremists become first group in South America to pledge allegiance to ISIS

The pledge was spotted by SITE Intelligence, a jihadi monitoring group, on ISIS’s messaging app of choice – Telegram.

In the Telgram channel titled Ansar al-Khilafah #Brazil, the Brazilian jihadis announced their dedication to ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi.

It comes less than three weeks before the 2016 Olympic Games are set to begin in Rio de Janeiro on August 5.

taxi-parisienFrance: Muslim cab driver arrested, had dynamite and Islamic State flag image

Police came to the man’s home to question him over his suspected involvement in a burglary case. Police believed the driver had robbed the empty homes of several of his clients after taking them to the airport.

Officers searched the house on suspicion that some of the stolen goods were hidden there, but instead discovered two sticks of dynamite, as well as several detonators and cables. All of the devices were reportedly fully operational. French media say the explosives were stored dangerously as they were exposed to heat, meaning they could have detonated unintentionally. However, the explosives have now reportedly been destroyed.

In addition to the arsenal, police also found a picture of an Islamic State (IS, formerly ISIS/ISIL) flag on the man’s cell phone, Le Foll reported.

Religious persecution! Dynamite, detonators, and cables are revered Islamic symbols that can be found in any mosque.

Obama-Bears-Direct-ResponsibilityObama Bears Direct Responsibility For Anti-Cop Fervor Sweeping Nation

“[T]he influence of his rhetoric on the hatred in the streets is absolute,” she maintained. “Obama’s imprimatur on the Black Lives Matter demagoguery gives it enormous additional thrust and legitimacy, echoing throughout public discourse into the most isolated corners of the inner city.”

As well as every channel of the liberal mainstream media, which Mac Donald contended bears “equal responsibility for the ongoing carnage,” as it invariably twists the fatal shooting of every black suspect into Obama’s oft peddled “racist-cop paradigm,” the facts be damned.

And thus this bogus narrative has become so ingrained in the minds of race activists across the nation that they to this day refuse to admit the irrefutable proof about Mike Brown or, most recently, accept the acquittals of the officers involved in the Freddie Grey case.