Breitbart Shuts Down ‘The Daily Show’ at ‘Gays for Trump’

CLEVELAND, Ohio — Breitbart News’ Joel Pollak sent The Daily Show running for cover, armed only with his cell phone camera, outside a “Gays for Trump” party hosted by Breitbart Tech editor Milo Yiannopoulos near the Republican National Convention early Wednesday.

A crew from The Daily Show — which plunged in the ratings after Trevor Noah took over as host— set up outside the event and approached people as they left the party, asking them for interviews.

  • dance…dancetotheradio

    Who is that fucking cunt?

    • El Martyachi

      … this was posted < 10 minutes ago.. .let's see if it stays up..

      • I don’t see the problem.

        • El Martyachi

          Me neither. But it’s the CBC.

          • Oh, gosh. I thought you meant Dances’ comment. We run a loose ship here, my friend.

          • El Martyachi

            Oh hell no… I of all people understand the BCF cunty safe space.

          • dance…dancetotheradio

            You run a great ship!
            And I know because you’ve told me when I’ve gone too far.

    • Dave In Guelph

      He’s the “Rights” bitch now. I don’t know how that guy filming him and kept his composure. I would have dropped the prick in 10 seconds. This is the leftist media in all its seething glory.

  • El Martyachi
  • Personally, I’ve reached peak Milo. It’s like nobody’s ever seen an attention-seeking gay dude before. I should introduce them to my hairdresser, maybe.

    Remember that stupid sitcom Will and Grace? And all those women who watched it because they were suddenly being told that it’s fun to be a fag hag? Gah, it’s like that.

    I actually like Milo (in small doses) and I think I agree with him about everything, but still.

    • H

      Did you see that he said that Canada was “over, it’s done”? Looked at objectively, he may be right, but it’s still not the sort of thing one likes to hear (if one has the misfortune of living in Canada anyway). It’s at the 13:30 mark:

      • It’s all about Milo. Which, by the way, I don’t mind. I’m just sick of being told I should care more than I do.

        BTW, I can’t be doing with Greek names. They are all “Snuffallafgous” to me.

        • H

          He does seem to have rather a high opinion of himself, doesn’t he? But given how nice his hair is (it’s better than our honorable PM’s!) one can’t really blame him ….

          • Justin St.Denis

            Frankly, I preferred it when gays strove to be fabulous as opposed to enraged. I welcome Milo’s fabulousness, and hope that it ignites the gay community to think twice about itself. A return to fabulousness would have economic benefits as well, if you stop to think about it and remember the past (like the 1980s). Fabulous SELLS, and that’s a good thing…………

  • kkruger71

    Even if the guy filming was breaking some sort of rules of etiquette (obviously not the law), too bad. Colbert crashes the actual event to say how evil conservatives are and that’s considered hysterical, the Daily Show takes clips out of context and that’s all fine. Someone wants to get a copy of unedited footage to be able to prove what they do and they take their ball and go home? Great. Breitbart should try and find the budget to follow the Daily Show crews to every event. Eventually they will have to do what they do on someone else’s footage unless they want nothing to air.

  • Vaguely OT: the good people at Breitbart are having a meltdown that Ted Cruz had the audacity not to endorse the man who smeared him.

    • Clink9

      Why did that weasel even show up? I’m embarrassed to be a Canadian as long as this guy is sharing oxygen.

      • Justin St.Denis

        Which is why talk of a Cruz 2020 run for the presidency is so ludicrous. Trump knows that Cruz is ineligible as he is not a “natural born” citizen of the USA.

        • But he is.

          There is some legal rigamarole about it.

          Or Cruz could run for PM.

          The electorate is at the “anybody but that guy” stage. I think people would vote for a jar of mayonnaise over Clinton.

      • Because Cruz is a statesman.

        I don’t know why people expect a man who was accused of infidelity to ignore all of that and endorse the man who accused him.

        • Clink9

          Shirley you jest. Now he’s like a grade 7 mean girl.