Benghazi: Legacy media are not just fools. They are becoming evil

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‘Fact-Checkers’ vs. the Benghazi Mom

When FBI Director James Comey came before the press to deliver his bizarre proclamation — that Hillary Clinton had lied relentlessly about her private email server but shouldn’t be prosecuted because no prosecutor would ever dare take her to court (even though prosecutors all over the country rose to say they’d do so immediately) — many were shocked and angered. One industry was thoroughly embarrassed: the media-elite “fact-checker” websites and projects, from PolitiFact to to The Washington Post’s Fact Checker column.

These so-called guardians of truth felt forced to revise and upgrade their “Pinocchio” counts to reflect the fact that so many pivotal things Clinton had claimed about her emails turned out to be falsehoods. It’s all well and good that they had to change their rulings, but how effective were these watchdogs in the first place? More.

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To Politi-“Fact,” Clinton’s record of lying about her server doesn’t tilt the scales of credibility. In another article on Monday night, the website suggested grieving relatives might have “fuzzy” memories. Adair even suggested that even if Clinton was incorrect, she might not have been lying: “If she did say something about the video, would it have been an intentional lie? It’s very possible that this is one of the many conflicting pieces of intelligence that the administration was working with at the time.”


Adair and his ilk aren’t fact-checking in any way. They’re masquerading in fact-checker costumes to engage in shameless speculation, blather and spin favoring democrats.

Reality check: No surprise in a world where simple fabrication has become an everyday part of elite legacy journalism that will attempt to seek protection from independents if Clinton is elected.

With luck, they will die by what they have come to live by.

The reality is, however, that the growing numbers who depend on the government to feed, clothe, and house them will just tune out these problems. It’s the others who must take heed what to do.

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  • The media are in cahoots with Clinton, that’s why Trump is winning.

    • Alain

      Yes, just as they made stuff up, lied and twisted facts for around 10 years to create and cultivate the HDS.

  • Daviddowntown

    From what I can see, there is no debating these people. All out war is necessary, certainly figuratively speaking and from the looks of it in the literal sense in the not too distant future.

  • One thing I think the Media (both left and right) are missing re: Clinton’s “a youtube video caused Benghazi”: It was more than misplaced blame on a video, and it was more than an attack on free speech by pretending the vid caused the violence — it was a direct attack on Christians, and a Christian went to U.S. prison due to that false allegation by Hillary. Even more damning, the video was produced by a group of Middle-Eastern Orthodox Christians who are familiar with persecution at the hands of militant Muslims in their homeland.

    Hillary’s anti-Christian pro-Sharia motive could not be more obvious.

    • Hill is not pro-sharia. She senses that Muslims will fight harder than Jesus Hollers. To win, she needs warriors, and Jesus Hollers will vote for her anyway because she CARES about the poor and the oppressed, and the angry and the aggrieved. Jesus Hollers have guilt trips but the soldiers of Allah don’t. Why does anyone think it a hard choice?

  • Hard Little Machine

    the media that bootstraps her into office will be violently dismembered afterwards because paranoid dictators never fail to destroy even the tiniest manifestation of anything less than 100% utter loyalty.

  • terrence22

    “Benghazi: Legacy Media Are Not Just Fools. They Are Becoming Evil” – I must disagree; the legacy media are NOT BECOMING evil, they ALWAYS HAVE BEEN EVIL – for at least 25 or 30 years. ;

    • Clausewitz

      Yep they crossed that line eon’s ago when the NY Times published stories fawning over Stalin’s Soviet Union.

  • Millie_Woods

    To paraphrase Hillary, the next Director of the FBI should be a man.

  • Gary

    The media doesn’t seem to care that on Saturday night I heard Hillary on the O’Reilly show let it slip that she too would ban some muslims from coming to the USA.
    Pillory saw how popular Trump is while she was asked about the Nice, Paris slaughter by a muslim refugee and she didn’t want to look weak so she agreed to ban some muslims.
    Watch for Hillary to claim that she never said she would let every muslim move to the USA.