Why can’t we talk frankly about Islamic terrorism?

When it comes to Islamic terror, there’s a curious tendency for otherwise seemingly healthy folk to suddenly succumb to Stockholm syndrome, that psychological phenomenon where hostages start to sympathise with their captors.

  • Slickfoot

    I’ll talk about it… Though I don’t have anything good to say about it.

  • Barrington Minge

    Oh allah……I can’t f%ucking read this garbage!!!

  • Hard Little Machine

    It’s a mistake to label it thus. There’s no such thing as Stockholm Syndrome. These are people who will always sign on to whatever crazy violent dictatorial fascist nightmare that snatches them up. They WANT to believe it. They WANT to sign on. They don’t believe anything that contradicts or reframes that version of their reality. They don’t care what their messiah or their apostle does or says, they already worship him. Islam is Jonestown.

    If you ever want an insight into this read Yevgenia Ginzburg’s “Into the Whirlwind” about her personal experience as a loyal and dutiful CPSU member in Stalin’s Gulags in the 1930’s. She recounts the miserable cargo of thousands of fellow comrades exiled to the Gulags in railroad cars, singing, yes, singing love songs to Dear Stalin, beseeching him to save them……because they believed he ‘didn’t know’….’If only Stalin knew what was happening…..he would save them.

    For reference – Martin Amis’ ‘Koba The Dread’ charts the history of Stalin personally signing hundreds of thousands of death warrants, personally. Hour after hour, day after day, Stalin personally reviewed the lists of all the names of such ‘dissidents’ who were to be killed or exiled.

    But you can argue with crazy. In a famous book “The Three Jesus’s of Ypsilanti” Milton Rokeach recounts the now famous psychiatry study where 3 men who all believed they were Jesus were forced to live with one another in the hope they would realize that they had mental illness since it was impossible they were all Jesus. At the end of the study all three continued to believe they were Jesus and told the doctors the other two were insane.

    This is Islam. This is what the liberals in the west think about Islam. You can’t argue with it – it’s absolutely unshakable.

  • Because denial = ego for the left.

  • Cat-astrophe

    Oh boy, a choir! Sorry, I don’t know the words, but I’ll just chant along with you…