Who Is Fethullah Gülen?

Controversial Muslim preacher, feared Turkish intriguer—and “inspirer” of the largest charter school network in America

With the American economy in shambles, Europe imploding, and the Middle East in chaos, convincing Americans that they should pay attention to a Turkish preacher named Fethullah Gülen is an exceedingly hard sell. Many Americans have never heard of him, and if they have, he sounds like the least of their worries. According to his website, he is an “authoritative mainstream Turkish Muslim scholar, thinker, author, poet, opinion leader and educational activist who supports interfaith and intercultural dialogue, science, democracy and spirituality and opposes violence and turning religion into a political ideology.” The website adds that “by some estimates, several hundred educational organizations such as K–12 schools, universities, and language schools have been established around the world inspired by Fethullah Gülen.” The site notes, too, that Gülen was “the first Muslim scholar to publicly condemn the attacks of 9/11.” It also celebrates his modesty.

Yet there is a bit more to the story.

This is a CJ archives story but well worth a look.

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  • Daviddowntown

    Just another death cultist I’m sure.

  • All Too Much

    It could have been written yesterday. The more media he gets the better; he is a major contributor to the Clinton foundations an you know there is some pay to play tie between him and the next Democrat nominee for president, she who’s name must not be seen or heard.

  • ismiselemeas

    A great article from a couple of years ago called him the most dangerous man in the world. I think you reposted it here.