Understanding Erdogan: Legal US resident incites coup in Turkey?

Interesting piece by Sinen Ulgan at Project Syndicate

The coup attempt heralds a new and uneasy phase in the Turkey-US relationship, because Turkish authorities have linked it to Fethullah Gülen, an Islamic preacher based near Philadelphia since 1999 but with a core group of followers in Turkey.

Gülen was previously charged with establishing a parallel state structure primarily within the police, the judiciary, and the military. More recently, the Turkish authorities classified the Gülen movement as a terrorist organization – a label given new meaning by the failed coup. But, despite the growing evidence concerning Gülen and his followers, the impression in Ankara is that the US has so far refused to constrain the activities of his network, which includes a range of schools and many civil-society organizations.

This network allows the Gülen movement to engage in substantial fundraising, which the authorities claim sustains the nefarious operations of its affiliates in Turkey. As a result, Gülen’s continued residence in Pennsylvania has become not only a contentious issue in the bilateral relationship, but also an important source of rising anti-Americanism in Turkey.

The failed coup is set to compound this trend. In the post-coup era, the US will come under significant pressure to reconsider its laissez-faire attitude toward Gülen. The Turkish side already has signaled that it will initiate a formal request for Gülen’s extradition.More.

Reality check: The problem with coups is that, one after another, they make a country seem coup-coup, and reflect badly on that country, as well as on the United States, for its usual practice of hosting extremists.

The US hosted Tsarnaev, Boston Marathon bomber, and a bunch of other toxicities as well, right?

This situation works out only for the global elite who can afford security details. In the United States, they happen to have American citizenship as well.

As for the non-elite, never mind the dead. There are American women who will be managing with prosthetic limbs for the rest of their lives thanks to Tsarnaev, yet Rolling Stone chose to celebrate him on its cover. And it stays in business.

The only comfort I can take in the matter is that most of those women probably voted progressive and open-minded and all that—instead of narrow and self-protective, like me. I want to die in one piece. I don’t care what they want to do.

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  • I say we surrender the left to Islam and deport them as well.

    • k2

      Works for me 😉

  • ed

    he has just sacked 16,000 teachers , 2,300 uni teachers , judges and military , total so far 29,000 turkey goes all out iran !

  • Me Here

    erdogan organised the coup to eliminate any opposition, secular turkey is dead it is now islamic..

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      I’m still waiting for the link to the video he’s going to blame it on.

  • ismiselemeas

    The article is typical of the single biggest problem that Turks face; their delusion of grandeur. Once the foreign aid stops Turkey will return to being the islamic shit hole it was always destined to be. The author is threatening Europe with unlimited migration, exaggerating Turkey’s defence strategy on its eastern flank and declares Gulen guilty of treason with absolutely no evidence and certainly no due process. He’s an Erdogan/MB shill.