The social and economic costs of legal abortion

Abortion is the main cause of family breakdown, argues an economist.

At the World Congresses of Families in Warsaw, Amsterdam, and Madrid, and the demographic summits in Moscow and Ulyanovsk, I presented and updated a country-by-country model of fertility, which has since been published in my book Redeeming Economics.

I’d like to extend that analysis. We often assume that abortion is a tragic by-product of our current culture of family breakdown. In fact, legal abortion is the main cause of family breakdown, including specifically the rise in rates of divorce, illegitimacy, and crime, and the entry of most developed nations—now including the United States—into “demographic winter”.

  • Jessiemac

    This is a really stupid article. How about some more of those beautiful landscape photographs instead?

  • k1

    It is NOT abortion causing this…(only a minute factor here)
    It is because….
    -Having 1 child is easy to look after compared to 5 children.I want time for ‘me’
    -Having 1 child=it will live thanks to modern medicine & world over populated
    -I’m working on my career, the feminists said I must get to a certain stage in my career before baby-making…tick-tock…oops! running out of eggs=1 child
    -No one wants to get married any more=can’t find a partner
    -Being married is a hassle
    -I’m having fun in my life….oops where did the time go=out of eggs
    -My parents divorced and it played with my head
    -who asks who out now?
    and many more reasons

  • Hard Little Machine

    As far as the underclass is concerned, I really don’t care. Cause, effect? What’s the difference? It’s simply another management stratagem. Who really cares if the ghetto aborts most of their own babies; abandons, imprisons, abuses or kills the rest. Can you imagine what kind of Hobbesian nightmare we’d be in if the ghetto were deprived of a major tool they use to moderate their own numbers? Soylent Fucking Green.

    • We’re already at Soylent Green.

      The systematic dismantling of the family has been the goal (one of them, anyway) of the left since the beginning. Imagine how much crime there would be if black families were intact. Would the Democrats be in office? Would there be “micro-aggressions”? One can argue that each of the left’s evil has a ripple effect and would not exist in overwhelming numbers if families lived as they ought.

  • Gary

    Let’s see what Justin’s MP’s do when the Gay gene is found where Mothers that are currently aborting a Down-syndrome baby will now abort the lesbian baby .
    Justin told the media that he supported the gender-cide abortions to female babies in the South-Asian community , this was to get their votes since the victims were BROWN babies and not White French Catholics in Quebec .

    So , good luck with Justin denouncing the killing of Lesbian babies when he was silent over BROWN female babies that may have been the odd lesbian among them .