PayPal (yes) vs. Facebook (no) on Trump

Mark Zuckerberg, Facebook CEO and page boy for progressive world elites, is escalating

attacks on Donald Trump’s immigration policies as the candidate prepares to accept the Republican party’s presidential nomination in Cleveland.

The immigration reform group launched a website, Trump365, that explores the human and economic toll of deporting an estimated 11 million people.

“It’s a big number,” said president Todd Schulte. “We want to break it down so people understand this is going to hurt each and every one of us in America, whether they’ve ever met an undocumented immigrant or not.” More.

Meanwhile, PayPal’s Peter Thiel is backing Donald Trump, says Fortune:

But upon closer examination, Thiel’s support for Trump is not that odd. His political views have long diverged from the Silicon Valley norm. Thiel, a libertarian, has often made contributions to the Republican Party. He endorsed Mitt Romney for president in 2012 and Ron Paul in 2008. Last summer, Thiel donated $2 million to Carly Fiorina’s super PAC.

When asked in 2012 why he decided to back Ron Paul, Thiel told Slate: “The campaign really is for 2016 … I think we’re just trying to build a libertarian base for the next cycle.”

“It’s an unusually libertarian movement,” he said. “For the first time in perhaps 80 years, we have a chance to move the country in a more libertarian direction, with a less intrusive government, in both social and economic areas.”

In case anyone wondered, PayPal is way, way safer than Facebook. And Thiel gave smart geeks $100k each to just drop out of Asscrat U, currently held hostage by the vastly indebted precious little asshats and their fat-pension prof patrons, holding up taxpayers while providing aggrieved nonsense as education.

Smart geeks were never the worse for heeding Thiel’s advice.

Reality check: Honestly now: Who would you trust your money with? Oh well, if you don’t work or save, and your government pension plan turns out to be euthanasia but that doesn’t bother you, maybe Zuck is the better bet. He will censor you if he considers you out of control, but then you agreed to his terms in the first place, right?

See also: Facebook’s Zuck won’t answer questions re bias. Maybe soon he won’t ever need to.