Our governments must confront the greatest danger facing the world — Islamic terrorism

For how much longer will the western democracies adopt the ostrich position, sticking their heads in the ground and hiding their eyes from the true menace of Islamic fundamentalism? The question becomes more urgent with each terrorist outrage. Yet somehow the self-evident answer continues to be avoided. Even after the atrocities in Paris, Brussels, Tunisia, Turkey, Florida and now Nice, western powers show no willingness to go to the coordinated war footing which is so clearly required.

In their defence, their caution is understandable. When facing a menace on a scale unknown since the rearmament of Germany in the 1930s, the human instinct is to bury the head in the sand, and hope to God that it goes away. But Neville Chamberlain’s place in history as “Ostrich Supreme” stands testament to the folly of surrendering to the escapist urge.

  • Sharia is the greatest danger and it’s being ignored by the media.

    • Anything to subvert traditional values and Christianity.

      • Deal with the Islamic cult now or buy a burka for your daughters.

      • k1962

        Just curious which Muslim terror attack that picture is from.

  • ismiselemeas

    I really wish they’d stop with the “great religion” malarkey. Islam is a cult that brings nothing but misery where it takes hold. There is no allah, the koran is an appalling document and islam is completely anathema to the enlightenment.

  • Millie_Woods

    To socialist politicians the greatest threat to the world is the ‘extreme right’.

    • Slickfoot

      Greatest threat to their world, that and truth.

  • GrimmCreeper

    It’s long past the time we put down candles and hashtags and start using well placed bullets instead.

  • Barrington Minge

    This evil must be faced…but sadly our leaders are too scared of “upsetting someone’s feelings.

  • John

    Neville Chamberlain may have been Ostrich Supreme, but that’s not the worst.

    He also seems to have had an enormous clutch of offspring.

    • Frances

      In fairness to Chamberlain, Britain was totally unprepared for war at the time he made that pronouncement. It was only after the Munich treaty that Britain began properly re-arming and so was able to take on Germany after the Polish invasion. Our problem today is that our leaders not only falsely proclaim “peace in our time”, they are simultaneously disarming our countries. At least Chamberlain didn’t do that.

      • FactsWillOut

        One should also note that Chamberlain did not endorse importing hundreds of thousands of Germans, giving them tax-exempt bases of operation, and allowing them to get positions of power in the government.

        • simus1

          Chamberlain was beset with plenty of appeasers, on both the left and right, in addition to his own early inclinations. The fact he was finally convinced by others that the badly neglected RAF and radar were job 1 to save Britain shows he understood what was what.
          The real blame lies with a previous PM, Stanley Baldwin, a true Obama style forerunner who had a similar attitude to placating socialists to undercut communists that present day politicians bring to placating muslims.
          That the marxist “Independent” would tag Chamberlain with the “ostrich” label is well beyond the top of the tops in unintentional self satire.

  • pdxnag

    And there is a direct correlation between the threat of the Islamic menace and the Muslim population within, with a heightened bit of terror when they are at the perfect proportion to feel the fever of conquest in their evil souls.