‘I tried to open the door.. he pulled out a gun’: Hero motorcyclist reveals moment he jumped off his bike to stop ISIS killer truck

A hero motorcyclist has told of his frantic bid to stop ISIS truck terrorist Mohamed Bouhlel by trying to jump from his bike and onto the lorry as it ploughed at high speed into crowds in Nice.

In an act of astonishing bravery, Alexander Migues sped his bike alongside the 19-tonne truck as Bouhlel ran over 84 people watching fireworks on Bastille Day.

Speaking for the time, he revealed how he leapt onto the moving death machine and clung on as he tried to wrestle the driver’s-side door open several times as the truck sped along the promenade.

  • PaulW

    Seriously – good for him. He did the right thing, and his instinct was the correct one. The question is, how many such individuals are left in France? Are there enough to stand up to the Muslims and their enablers?