Hippies go to war!: 100 nude women protest at GOP convention

From Mashable:

“Donald Trump has said so many outrageous, hateful, inflammatory things. He underestimated his female, Republican vote,” said Cathy Scott, a Republican voter, to Esquire. “I don’t think he knows there’s a black, single, 35-year-old mom, like me, who is listening to what he’s saying. I don’t think he knows I’m in his political party—and that’s unfortunate.”

“For me, it’s less about Trump and more about creating positive energy around the RNC and to create light where there maybe isn’t as much,” Sabrina Paskewitz, a student.

“I’m here because I’m a trans woman and we’re not supposed to like our bodies and I don’t like that,” said another protestor, Harmony Moon. “It’s going to be great! I’m very antsy; it’s like Christmas morning.”More.

Reality check: They should definitely have kept the clothes on. Nature is not nearly as kind to them as political correctness is.

See also: Another bathroom story flushed. It probably doesn’t matter, in a genuine progressive environment, whether the story is true. Anything that enables identity group posturing is better than true.