Hillary Clinton security risk, muslim brotherhood

Global Warming’s Grand Inquisitors

If Hillary Clinton wins the White House, her party’s platform makes no bones about what is in store for those who dare to dispute the “settled science” of assorted computer modellers, grant-grabbers, propagandists and professional alarmists: a visit by the authorities

  • Gary

    Obama’s ‘Lynch-mob’ Loretta was at the Hillary Hearings and kept claiming that she couldn’t comment on Law based on a hypothetical case . But last year after the 2 muslim terrorists in SB California slaughtered 14 co-workers we heard Lynch-mob threaten to arrest and jail anyone doing Hate-Speech about islam that incites attacks on muslims.
    Then she felt free to warn people that she would jail those that deny Global warming .

    Hillary broke the Law, it was NOT a hypothetical case for not protecting Classified document or to removing Classified Docs from the workplace to a remote protection, which was made worse when Hillary had the Sever in her home while up to 7 Admin’s had access to it to set the Security gates for who can Log-in and from where.

    • simus1

      Hitlery had forbidden stuff that was “in process” which meant it was so hot that no one except those professionals charged with reworking it into formal classifications and need to know access at the highest levels should have been near it.

      • Marie Taylor

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  • Alain

    The American Democrat Party has succeeded in merging under one tent the equivalent of our NDP, Liberal Party and Green Party. Actually all of them on both sides of the border should just be up front and call it what it really is: the Communist Party of the United States, and our three mentioned above are the Canadian Communist Party.

  • jack burns