Canadian anti-doping leaders drafted a letter officially calling for Russia to be banned from Rio Olympics

A letter drafted by U.S. and Canadian anti-doping leaders urging Russia’s removal from the upcoming Olympics is circulating days before the public release of a report expected to detail a state-sponsored doping system that corrupted the country’s entire sports program.

INSIDE THE REPORT: Doping scheme had magicians, cocktails

The 97-page report into state-directed doping of Russian athletes is full of details on alleged wrongdoing dating back years. It also includes a number of references and details more likely to be found in a Cold War-era spy novel…

Independent Commission report

  • Ron MacDonald

    Russian will bribe members of the IOC and will be allow to attend.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Loretta Lynch will simply assert that she tool whatever the recommendation was, unread and accepted it. And the recommendation found no ‘intent’.

  • Maggat

    Independent Commission, chaired by Ben Johnson.

  • Me Here

    Due to lack of INTEREST the olympics have been CANCELLED.

  • Brian Jones

    Meanwhile, activists pushed and pushed until the IOC decided that men can compete as women if they say they’re women and have been getting hormones for a year. No need to actually get the downstairs nip and tuck.

    Which, when you think of it, growing up male is pretty much equivalent to taking far more steroids for far longer than any Russian lady athlete ever will, but it’s totally different because transphobia/bigotry/yadda yadda yadda…