US and Germany sign secret pact to share intelligence

The deal was born in the immediate aftermath of the Brussels terror attacks in March and signed weeks later after a bloody 12 months on both sides of the Atlantic during which hundreds of civilians have been killed.

  • I suppose it’s useless to point out that they are the two main causes of the problem.

    Pestilence and Plague, I calls them.

    • Both will be gone soon!

      • Exile1981

        You hope. I’m still thinking obama has plans for november

  • B__2

    Well, Hillary was probably sharing US secret intelligence with many countries when she was Secretary of State, straight off her mail server. And that didn’t take a complex ‘Secret Pact’ to make that happen, right?

  • ntt1

    Who’s intelligence?or is a simple swap of cheap snitzel receipe for mooches moms ham hock and beans

  • WalterBannon

    With these two leaders, the US and Germany do not have any Intelligence to share

    • Will Quest

      Wienerschnitzel on whole wheat ……..

  • Ed

    Judging by the photo, not much intelligence was available for sharing.

  • Clausewitz

    With the two present governments involved, how are they going to share intelligence when neither has any.

  • Tanya

    US and Germany sign secret pact to share intelligence! Looking at those two in the picture I am afraid that there just will not be enough to go around.