Twitter, Facebook move quickly to stem Islamic celebrations of Nice jihad attack

Yesterday, I posted some of the heinous comments celebrating the honor killing of a social media star in Pakistan. This nonsense about a tiny fringe, a handful of Muslims, blah blah blah is dangerous and deceitful. We always see this after carnage and bloodshed in the cause of Allah.

  • GrimmCreeper

    Just as the Muslim celebrations after 9/11 have been whitewashed. Despite overwhelming evidence to the contrary, there are forces determined to sell the false narrative that Islam is peaceful. It’s anything but peaceful.

  • barryjr

    All Muslims support the Jihadis or they would turn them in, just as all blacks support the nigger terrorists killing cops or they would turn them in. Cut the BS these 2 groups hate the white Christian western society that has dragged their sorry asses out of the stone age and will never be happy until said society is destroyed and they can go back to their stone age utopias.