Twelve Year Old Louisiana Boy Arrested in Plot to Kill Policeman

A twelve year old boy was arrested in connection with a plot to kill policemen in Baton Rouge. His name cannot be released due to his age. He has been charged with simple burglary and theft of a firearm.  He and two others stole 8 handguns and a BB rifle from a pawn shop last Saturday. Antonio Thomas, 17, and Malik Bridgewater, 20, were the other two who were arrested in the plot. Trashone Coats, was charged for possession of one of the guns but not in the burglary.

We’ve run this story before but this article has more detail than previously revealed. Also, the last sentence – “What I find to be scary is that many liberals seem to want to encourage these type of incidents for political purposes” underscores that this is domestic terrorism, no matter how hard the media and our leaders try to spin it as justifiable violence against racist police.

…and just what do people expect when they name a child ‘Trashone Coats’?