Turkey coup: World leaders call for ‘restraint and moderation’ as President Erdogan continues purge

Around 8,000 police officers have been removed following the attempted military coup.

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  • Brett_McS

    There are more people looking seriously at the ‘krazy konspiracy’ idea floated by some Turks that the attempted coup was actually a hoax by Erdogan ala the Reichstag fire.

    “It wasn’t a failed coup; it’s a successful purge.”


    • xavier


      That’s what the EU comissioner and goes so far to opine that the coup was staged.

      Now comes another phase of the retribution that Erogodan hasn’t taken into account: the tourists are gone and won’t come back. He could’ve traded notes with al Sissi. O that’s right he’s accused Egypt and UAE of fomenting the coup.

  • Linda1000

    The bland reaction and clean language by the press, EU and world leaders makes them look like imbeciles. It would likely be wise for Federica Mogherini to dispatch her ass to Istanbul and consult with Herr Erdoghead on the “cleansing operations” and efficient disposal methods for unwanted bodies just to ensure the “strong message” of the EU is followed according to the “democratic rule of law”. I wonder which disposal method will be considered most practical: dumping the bodies into the Bosphorus, digging mass graves as eastern Turkey has lots of empty land or vaporizing in high tech incinerators.
    Where is the emergency UN resolution calling for an immediate stop to the disproportionate arrests and killing, plus a two-state solution, one for the Kurds and one for Erdoghead’s 21st century Turkey dictatorship.

  • Exile1981

    ergdogan needs to trim that stache if he wants to be more like hitler.