Terrorists could seek ‘soft’ targets in towns and cities outside London

Terrorists could target towns and cities outside London in order to exploit less stringent security measures in the wake of the Nice attack, MPs and security experts have warned.

It is feared the massacre shows a change in strategy from the jihadists to target smaller, less protected urban areas rather than capital cities.

All forces across the UK have been warned to review preparations for major events in order to ensure everything is being done to maximise safety.

Paris has been on high alert since the two previous outrages which claimed almost 150 people.

  • Ego

    It is high time to arm the population. They would take better care of themselves than the police possibly could.

  • tom_billesley

    After Bataclan and the other attacks in Paris, British police forces reviewed armed response. They’ve been trying to recruit and train more firearms officers. Also, the typical response times for military backup from SAS or SBS could now be less than an hour.

  • pdxnag

    Just you wait until after you have decided that the only solution (and it is the only effective solution) is to expel every last Muslim (every citizen of the worldwide Islamic Ummah). They will scorch any hint of civilization they touch.