Sheriff David Clarke and CNN hack Don Lemon get heated over police shootings

Full 10 minute video here. h/t RAMA44

  • vwVwwVwv

    David Clarke wuld give a FBI Cief or an Minister of Interior, wow.

  • bob e

    lemmon head did not answer any questions. he side stepped.
    wonder who is boyfriend is ??

  • chayisun

    Don Lemon is an idiot. Typical talking head that is employed by CNN. Has this attitude that he is above the rest of the people and he is always right. A true jerk
    His support of Clinton and her stupid policies, along with his dislike of law enforcement AND an apparent love of islam, should lead to his dismissal from that leftist network he steals a paycheque from. Along with Wolf Blitzer.

  • RAMA44

    I always get a perverse pleasure when media wonks gets their comeuppance. remember this classic?

    • k2

      Ouch – I had never seen that clip 🙂 In fairness, being given the job of interviewing that “gentleman” would not be a particularly safe assignment, I’m thinking. The interviewer’s lucky Tyson didn’t clock him (or bite his ear off).

      • John

        Tyson should have decked him on the spot.

        Yes he did the crime, but he also did the time.

        • RAMA44

          Nathan Downer tried to blindside Mike,Looks good on him!

  • mauser 98
  • QiPo

    Lemon is aptly named. Sitting in his self created ebony tower, imagining the world the way he wants to see it, and supporting the Liar & Race Baiter in Chief, he is a prime example of failed intellect within our media. Sheriff Clarke, OTOH, a prime example of the best of our land. I wouldn’t follow the Lemon out of a burning building and would charge into hell with a squirt gun alongside Sheriff Clarke. Lemon the Loser.

  • Justin St.Denis

    I absolutely loathe that faggot Don Lemon. This interview, I suspect, shows how Lemon goes on the attack to camouflage his sentiments whenever he is sexually attracted to his guest. I can see Clarke, who is always self-possessed, looking perturbedly at Lemon, clearing feeling a “vibe” that he can’t quite put his finger on. Watch the interview a second time with these thoughts in mind. It is quite transparent.

  • Hard Little Machine

    right and proper pimp slap.

  • irishrus

    Wonder why big mouth Samuel Jackson isn’t commenting on any of the recent events

  • John

    Lemon says that as a journalist he has no business condemning BLM. However as a journalist he has the duty and responsibility to report the news in a even handed and honest manner. Something he utterly fails to with regards to BLM’s antics.

  • pdxnag

    Calm presentation of inconvenient truths is the very definition of “uncivil” here. It was the choice of content that riled the host.

  • Allan

    Lemmon is the biggest douchebag. What a f**king idiot.

  • Linda1000

    What an irritating and condescending little cream puff. (Lemon)