Le Journal de Mourréal killed by Quebecor empire

Quebecor owns Le Journal de Montréal, a full-blare tabloid mocked by Mourreal. Q threatened big lawsuit.

Coroner’s verdict: Lawfare

Its last item:

fake article featured a woman who was sued by Québecor because a ketchup stain on her t-shirt “looked like the JDM logo.” More.

Reality check: A friend writes to say that

The site was the most popular of its kind, far ahead of its closest competitors (Le Navet and La Pravda). However, it did promise that it would soon resurface under a different name that will not elicit any confusion among “ordinary people who are in a rush.”

Look, we didn’t even know that a parody of a tabloid was possible but we are glad to hear that they propose to continue trying. The question will soon become, when will the Yangchanasaurus Quebecorii finally just go extinct?

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