Axe attack on German train: 17 yr Old Afghani perpetrator Shot Dead #Wurzburg #Würzburg

Update – Police confirmed this evening, there were three serious and one slightly injured. Perpetrator was a 17-year-old Afghan. His motives are still unclear.

In a regional man has gone off on Monday evening near Würzburg with ax and knife on passengers. Three people were seriously injured, while another suffered minor injuries, a police spokesman said on site. The Bavarian Interior Minister Joachim Herrmann said Monday evening in the ARD “Tagesthemen”, the offender there had been a 17-year-old Afghan. He had been shot by a special police unit.

It figures -Bavarian interior minister has told media train attacker was 17-year-old Afghan boy who came to Germany as unaccompanied refugee 

Of course! – Afghan refugee shouted “Allahu Akbar” during attack on German train, minister

A Bavarian interior ministry spokesman has said “it is quite probable that this was an Islamist attack”, adding that the attacker had shouted “Allahu akbar” (God is greatest) as he stabbed people.

A police operation including a helicopter is under way in Heidingsfeld, a part of the city of Wurzburg in southern Germany.

Local media (in German) tweeted that 21 people had been injured and a suspect appeared to have been shot.

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Several injured in attack on train near Würzburg, southern Germany

Multiple injuries have been reported on a train near Würzburg after a man went on a stabbing rampage. According to Bavaria’s Interior Ministry, the suspect has been shot by police.

A police operation is underway in the German town of Heidingsfeld, part of the southern city of Würzburg, after a man launched an attack on a passenger train late at around 9.15pm local time (1915 UTC) on Monday.

Local media reported that at least 15 people were injured.

According to a police spokesman, the suspect attacked passengers using an axe and knife.

Man ‘attacks 21 people with an AXE
during a rampage on train in southern Germany before being shot dead by police’

Update – 17 year old Afghan reported Ax Man on German Train

From Wurzberg –

A suspect has several people in Würzburg-Heidingsfeld injured near the Winter Straße. After the first information of the offender to have a train attacked people. The police is a large contingent in Heidingsfeld spot. The perpetrator was shot, which confirmed a spokesman for the Bavarian interior ministry in Munich. The act took place, according to police spokesman Philipp Hümmer to 21:00 on the train from Treuchtlingen to Würzburg. A gunman attacked by train. He carried a knife and an ax. The train entered a unscheduled stop in Heidingsfeld. Three passengers were seriously, one slightly injured. 14 are in shock. The perpetrator fled the train and was shot while fleeing from emergency services. On the identity of the police can not do at this stage, no details. The line Würzburg-Ansbach is banned, reports the German Railways. A replacement bus by bus between Ochsenfurt and Würzburg Main Station is set from approximately 22:30. More coming soon on

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