Why Toronto’s City Hall is the safest place in Canada in the event of a terrorist attack

For good reason, the public tends to be cynical about politicians. There are a handful of decent ones who are honest and genuinely work to make the country better. Marc Garneau and Jason Kenney come to mind in that regard. But most are either corrupt, egotistical, dishonest, or possess some combination of those base characteristics. Nowhere is that more the case than at the municipal level.

  • simus1

    A small stark impractical inward looking folly of a city hall with plenty of wasted space outside most suitable for the performance art loving herds of PC rent seekers and leftist layabouts.

  • lolwut?

    Marc Garneau and Jason Kenney????!!!!!!!!!

    Both of them are pro third world immigration and you’d be damned to find a photo
    of Kenney posing with immigrants from Europe.

    • Ho Hum

      My feelings exactly. Kenney and Garneau are both useless assholes. Kenney of course FLOODED Canada with 100,000’s of Muslims. There is no telling how many of these Muzzies will resort to terrorism and one day kill us. IMO Kenney is nothing but a fucking CLOSET CASE homosexual who has put our lives at great risk for the sake of votes (ditto Harper). I hope this fat faggot gets exposed!!

      As for Garneau he killed off expansion of the Island airport and the introduction of Canadian made jets thereby killing off 1,000’s of jobs and wiping out Billions of business for Toronto. Garneau is an overrated GOOF!. Big deal he flew on the space shuttle! Monkey’s have been sent into out space.