Turkey coup: Death penalty fears as President Erdogan begins ‘cleansing’ operation of dissidents

President Erdogan has been warned not to use the failed coup in Turkey as a “blank cheque” to bypass democratic principles.

Six thousand people have been arrested over the uprising amid growing fears the government will use the attempted putsch as a cover for cracking down on legitimate dissent.

High-ranking soldiers and 2,700 judges are among those to have been detained following clashes in which 265 people were killed.

Muslim revenge Turkey CoupMore… Torture and murder in streets of Turkey

Harrowing scenes are reported by the world’s media as soldiers are beaten, tortured and murdered in open streets all around Turkey today.

The aftermath of the military coup that began last night is proving to be quite bloody as horrific scenes takes place by Islamist Erdogan supporters all around Turkey today.

h/t Mauser

  • Oh come on the UN won’t allow that! 😉

    • ntt1

      they will deplore israel’s interference

    • I just know Ban Ki-Moon will spring to action!

  • ontario john

    Breaking news that multiple police officers have been shot in diverse Baton Rouge. I’m sure Black Lives Matter will be issuing a statement that the cops were probably doing something racist.

    • Linda1000

      Three police now confirmed dead and up to 7 wounded.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Let’s hope they kill a half million people. That way the EU will be begging them to join.

  • Is the EU sure it wants him as a member?

    • Alain


      • The EU might not be as comfortable with “the devil you know” than they think.

        Erdogan is a tyrant and more Islamist than the EU thinks.

        • Linda1000

          The more Islamist, the better is mantra of the EU. They luvs their muslimes.

          • Not if it means the floodgates are open. Merkel can’t afford any more disasters at the moment.

          • Linda1000

            I wonder if she really cares anymore. There is some deal the EU has with Turkey on the illegal migrants being returned to their countries by Turkey if in exchange, the EU agrees to unrestricted visas for Turkey. The EU is now worried that this will not be upheld by Erdogan? There was something about this in the Daily Mail yesterday, I think.

          • I think she will have to. It’s one thing to deal with a controlled flood; it’s quite another when the dam breaks.

  • Alain

    Very convenient for Erdongon, so unlikely it was just a coincidence.

  • Linda1000

    Hope this completely ruins Turkey’s tourism industry. The Brits and even many Israelis still flock there by the thousands in spite of all the danger in recent years. I visited Turkey in 1995 when it was still a half decent place long before Erdoghead. Lots of ancient ruins, tons of great sight seeing and our tour bus group lucked out with a really knowledgeable young tour guide but I would never go back. Once was enough.

  • pdxnag

    Will the real Islamic State show itself, for all the world to see? So many contenders: Iran, Turkey, Saudi Arabia, oh and the newest kid on the block, Islamic State.