Senior cardinal warns about anti-Muslim rhetoric, blathers idiotically about immigration


He’s your buddy so he wants you to call him “Cardinal Seán”, which would be a nicer gesture if he could be bothered to spell his name like an American*. But nooooooo. It’s got to have the fancy accent which we don’t use in English you narcissist.

Seriously. I can’t stand this guy. (Now that you mention it, your Eminence, Placido Domingo does have a nice voice. Thanks for pointing that out.)  A well-connected psychopath like Ted Kennedy gets buried by a Prince of the Church? How many Cardinals buried Mary Jo Kopechne?

*I can’t find the reference, but I’ve read that Al Capone would not stand for anyone pronouncing his name “Capone-ay”, because he considered it un-American. Maybe he should have been a Cardinal.

  • I bet he’s a pedophile.

    • I don’t know how you Catholics stand these guys. Sometimes I think I’d like to convert to Catholicism (I probably wouldn’t, I’m too lazy and antisocial), and then I realize I’d have to somehow respect people like this.

      • k2

        In fairness, the Catholic Church is still enormous and there is quite a wide spectrum of attitudes (and even, though perhaps not “officially”, beliefs) incorporated within it. So on the one hand, you can have people like Ann Barnhardt or Gavin McInnes (yes, he’s Catholic) and on the other, people like this bipedal marshmellow or that Argentine fellow in Vatican City …. That said, I personally find that this guy to be a spineless, clueless, nausea inducing embarrassment to the human race, not just the Catholic Church. Still, one mustn’t be judgemental ….

        • But this guy isn’t paying attention.

          Cardinal Pell got it.

          Surah 5:75 should be sufficient from a theological standpoint.

      • But not everyone is a nutbar.

        There are priests at my church who totally get it.

      • howe

        I indeed know your issue. As a child, my experience with Catholic priests and nuns was enough to drive a child to despair.

        Subsequent scandals in the Church have not helped.

        Solution? Look at Church’s magisterial teachings. Obey them. Read the Catechism. Love and attend the Sacraments and know their power to help you follow our Lord.

        Ignore those in the Church for whom you have no respect, except to the extent commanded by the teachings of the Church. Pride roams the halls of the hierachy as everywhere else.

        Live your life acting as did Jesus to the greatest extent.

        Never make a priest or Bishop or Cardinal or Pope into a god.

        • Justin St.Denis

          Howe, that was simply spectacular. Thank you. I feel less alone now. I wish there was a secret sign or something by which we could identify one another in the public spaces…..

          • Perhaps publicly crossing ourselves or wearing a rosary bracelet.

        • Alain

          I am not disagreeing with your experience, but I had the complete opposite. I attended Catholic school, even as a non Christian, for some years and still have wonderful memories of the Nuns who were my teachers. Mind you I have no experience with priests, but have the greatest respect for traditional nuns due to my very different experience. This was pre Vatican II when my teachers wore the full habit.

          • howe

            Sure there are various experiences with Church personnel. But my advice is the same. Good experiences set us up for turning those we admire into idols and then deflate us if they let us down.

            I will add to my suggestions in first post to read the documents of the general councils ratified by the Pope.

            I would also add that I think the Pope has absolute jurisdition over the Liturgy so any griping may be disobedient to legitimate authority and you all know what our Lord said about that. So the looney Mass promoters and the old Mass promoters both may be just wasting energy. Let us obey.

          • John

            I was taught by nuns and Jesuits as well, and found it all to be a very positive experience. They were big on science, math, art and music and I thank them for the education they gave me. Perhaps the most important thing they taught us was to think critically.

          • D. Johnson

            Me too.

          • howe

            Understand value of some Jesuit influence. I had a 22 year close friendship/mentorship with an older , orthodox and genius Jesuit. He changed my life for the better. I joke that I am the only woman in history with a private Jesuit education. He and law school helped me to think critically. TBTG.

    • John

      He’s most certainly an old, queer Bolshevik. I’ve encountered quite a few over the years…

      He has no business calling himself a Bishop because he’s a fraud.

  • Dana Garcia

    The catholic church in America at least depends on newbie immigrants to fill its pews, so the cassock guys are serious open borders proponents. It’s hard to be civil if you care about law and borders.

    • That doesn’t explain the enthusiasm for Muslim immigration, though.

    • John

      Actually, The Church makes enormous profits from immigration, migrants and refugees. They’re housed in church basements and the gov’t pays the parish or diocese so much a head. It’s become a huge source of revenue.

      Lutheran churches are in on this as well.

    • k1962

      Two Argentinian women I know in Canada both became born agains. Dropped the Catholic church like a hot potato.

  • Spatchcocked

    The RC religion is huge….and it does far far more good than harm in this world.Bear that in mind….
    BUT the leader is a gormless socialist ideologist ….so until that dope of a Pope goes away don’t expect any help in WW4.
    Benedict was the man…..until we again have a booted and spurred Pope the wheels will keep spinning.
    More bloody minded Jesuits please……

    • Justin St.Denis

      Pope Benedict was the very kind of warrior Pope that is needed right now. I simply love Pope Benedict. An intellectual GIANT with huge, faith-filled balls and a courageous character. I aspire to being maybe half the man Pope Benedict is….

  • Shebel

    This asshole is almost as deranged as the fucking Pope.
    Why don’t you Catholics just all convert to Islam ?
    This way you will all have little boys and girls to to screw for Eternity.