Senior cardinal warns about anti-Muslim rhetoric, blathers idiotically about immigration


He’s your buddy so he wants you to call him “Cardinal Seán”, which would be a nicer gesture if he could be bothered to spell his name like an American*. But nooooooo. It’s got to have the fancy accent which we don’t use in English you narcissist.

Seriously. I can’t stand this guy. (Now that you mention it, your Eminence, Placido Domingo does have a nice voice. Thanks for pointing that out.)  A well-connected psychopath like Ted Kennedy gets buried by a Prince of the Church? How many Cardinals buried Mary Jo Kopechne?

*I can’t find the reference, but I’ve read that Al Capone would not stand for anyone pronouncing his name “Capone-ay”, because he considered it un-American. Maybe he should have been a Cardinal.