Saudis stonewalled US terror probes before, after 9/11: report

WASHINGTON — Saudi Arabia was so uncooperative in US terror investigations before and after 9/11 that one New York FBI investigator slammed the kingdom as “useless and obstructionist,” according to 28 pages of newly declassified documents ­released Friday.

The documents suggest the ultra-conservative Islamic theocracy regularly lied to American investigators and that its status as a key US ally in the Middle East helped shield Saudi Arabia from becoming the focus of terror probes.

  • infedel

    Lying to non-moslems is sanctioned in the koran…never trust a moslem.

  • Why did Bush keep these people alive?

    • Alain

      $ and lots of it.

      • Beyond disgraceful.

      • infedel

        Our founding fathers said our republic is made for moral people; they were an inch away from banning lawyers and bankers into the political mix. Wish they went that inch and also the foot to get away from islam.

  • Lorensacho


  • GrimmCreeper

    And we continuously listen to Washington politicians refer to these scumbags as “our friends the Saudis.”

  • Maurixio Garciasanchez

    The whole report took one decade and half to be released , what a shame for the US , people are not stupid to believe their lies.

  • Gary

    Looks like Chretien is complicit in the slaughtering of 24 Canadian that day because he aided in the getting the Saudi’s out of Ottawa via the RCMP suv’s that shuttled them to the Airport.
    No wonder Justin has a jew-ahting pro-sharia Sunni Saudi on staff to get the islamists votes, Liberals want to destroy Canada by flooding it with 10th century muslim savages with no employable skills while the women pump out little Jihad-Joe’s for allah.

    Nice one Chretien, your buddies slaughtered 24 of your Citizens and you help them flee Canada and then run to an Ottawa Mosque for a photo-op so the CBC will show you telling Canadians that 9/11 had NOTHING to do with islam.
    Just like Bill Blair when he held his New release about the Toronto-18 muslim terrorists when he told us that the devout , quran reading , mosque going, mekkah praying, pro-sharia muslims had NOTHING to do with islam, the qruan , or being muslims.
    Right Chief Blair, that’s why you held the Press release at a Mosque and were surrounded by muslims…. because it had NOTHING to do with muslims.
    Now this islamophile is in Justin Liberal Party as an MP( muslim promoter) .