Rex Murphy: The world is becoming immunized to the horrors of terrorism

“…No one knows how to stop these attacks — certainly not how to stop them over any quick period of time. We do, however, know that the evasion of naming them for what they are is not the route to travel. Swaddling ourselves in earnest hashtags, movie stars or first ladies taking grim-looking selfies while holding up the latest pasteboard slogans (“Bring Back our Girls”) are pathetic, excusatory diversions from any real call to action. Singing hymns to diversity, or the endless search for “root causes” and “explanations” — when the plain cause and explanation is usually present out of the mouths and declarations of the killers themselves — is no way forward.

Western leaders spend more time trying to muffle the domestic reaction to terror attacks than on the terror attacks themselves. They readily fire up the increasingly numb and hollow tropes of racism and xenophobia when ordinary people speak what they actually feel after each fresh horror…”