Rex Murphy: The world is becoming immunized to the horrors of terrorism

“…No one knows how to stop these attacks — certainly not how to stop them over any quick period of time. We do, however, know that the evasion of naming them for what they are is not the route to travel. Swaddling ourselves in earnest hashtags, movie stars or first ladies taking grim-looking selfies while holding up the latest pasteboard slogans (“Bring Back our Girls”) are pathetic, excusatory diversions from any real call to action. Singing hymns to diversity, or the endless search for “root causes” and “explanations” — when the plain cause and explanation is usually present out of the mouths and declarations of the killers themselves — is no way forward.

Western leaders spend more time trying to muffle the domestic reaction to terror attacks than on the terror attacks themselves. They readily fire up the increasingly numb and hollow tropes of racism and xenophobia when ordinary people speak what they actually feel after each fresh horror…”

  • Ho Hum

    Murphy says ” It is little wonder, then, that people turn to more radical solution offered by the likes of Donald Trump and Nigel Farage: when legitimate expressions of concern are put off limits, people will seek a voice for their fears and worries”

    What is so “radical” about Trumps solution? A total ban on Muslim immigration is the most sensible and logical recommendation anyone can make even if it is just a start. Ultimately we need to ban the practice of Islam, shut down Mosques and deport as many Muslims as possible. If we do not do this we will soon be like France.

    • It was a dumb statement in an otherwise good piece.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Murphy is a Newfie after all.

  • Linda1000

    I like Murphy’s flair for descriptive writing but disagree with him on the terrorist attacks springing from some “nebulous cauldron of fundamentalist Islam”. These attacks are not a distant little bit of Islam but are a main tenet of islam as defined by the obligation to wage jihad against infidels, Jews, Christians in the Koran. The Nice attacker may not have been a very good muslim but in the end he wanted to die in an honorable way according to islam so he killed a bunch of nonbelievers to get his 72 virgins to be absolved for his sins by Allah. It’s nothing more complicated than dying as a shaheed for islam. Same for the Orlando attacker as he wanted to be forgiven for being gay which is supposed to be a big “haram” according to the koran except for the approved kind of tranny and pederasty of islam.

    • dance…dancetotheradio

      Dr. Bill Warner has encountered goofballs at his lectures that ask stupid questions like that terrorist ate pork and drank alcohol and hired prostitutes before their attack.
      His response is always that they can sin all they want but absolution comes from being a martyr.

      • Linda1000

        I think, but not really sure, that the word “shaheed” is more of a derogatory slang term for martyr. They mean the same thing as far as I know.