Perhaps radical Islam…isn’t

When Donald Trump opined that we should stop all Muslim immigration “until we can figure out what is going on,” perhaps he stumbled on something we have yet to recognize: that radical Islam…isn’t. Much is being made (with good reason) of President Obama’s failure to use the words “radical Islamic terrorism” when describing the horrific act in Orlando and other terror attacks here in the U.S. Even yesterday’s atrocity, the brutal murder of at latest count 80 civilians, who were run over by a French citizen of Tunisian descent, using a 5-ton cargo truck, has yet to elicit those words from President Obama.

However, our focus may be a bit off here. Perhaps the problem isn’t radical Islam. Perhaps the problem is Islam in its entirety.

  • Dana Garcia

    The koran is a murder manual, at least in part. There’s that.

  • Islam gives the world with two choices: Sharia or terrorism.
    There are other options, of course.
    But there is no tolerance from Islam, just Sharia or terrorism.

    • B__2

      I think you will find that it’s not “Sharia Terrorism” but “Sharia and Terrorism”. For the last 1300 years different denominations of islam have been willing to slaughter the ‘wrong’ other denominations of muslim as apostates. Short of the absolute genocide of Sunni or Shia it’s not going to stop.

  • ntt1

    some well educated muslims are indeed deeply apostate and subject to slaughter in any shariah compliant culture yet they still identify as muslim. until there is a way to sort out the civilized from the barbarian they should all be excluded. the problem is the close adherence to the koran. make it illegal and preaching of same subject to heavy penalty.

  • Linda1000

    Ding, ding, ding. We have a winner. “the problem is Islam in its entirety”.