Pakistan: Muslims cut off arms of Christian who refused to convert to Mohammedan death cult

Muslims cut arms off of Christian in PakistanA Christian man reportedly had his arms cut off when he refused to convert to Islam after being kidnapped by Muslim extremists.

Petrol pump worker Aqeel Masih says he was taken from the LDA quarter of Lahore, Pakistan.

He claims his kidnappers whipped and tortured him, even though the the Quran states: ‘Let there be no compulsion in religion.’

When he refused to renounce Christ and accept Allah as his God, they cut off his arms in brutal punishment, he said.

  • When India tires of Pakistan, I say we turn our backs and let happen what will happen.

    • Alain

      India should first demand a population exchange taing in Hindus, Buddhists and Christians and sending every bloody Muslim in India to Pakistan.

  • Cat-astrophe

    They only cut off his arms? He must have been able to make them laugh.

  • DMB

    Pakistani’s have a major lust for blood. This is not even supported by the Quran. They are just sadistically evil. India needs to turn Pakistan into a parking lot.

    • k1962

      Seems that way, doesn’t it. And yet there are sooooo many of them in Canada.

      • DMB

        Stay away from Brampton, Ontario.

        • k1962

          Yes, my brother in T.O. had told me about Brampton when I mistakenly told him a friend bought a home there. All I can say to our previous governments is, what the hell were you thinking?

    • Linda1000

      Incest breeding makes for ultra crazy.

  • k1962

    Wow, yet another example of how peaceful Islam is.