‘OUR POLICE ARE TIRED’ French official reveals only 50 cops on duty night of Bastille Day terror attack

JUST 50 cops were on duty in Nice when the city was targeted in the Bastille Day terror attack, a politician has claimed.

According to French officials, 106 officers were deployed — the majority on traffic duty — as 30,000 people gathered to watch a fireworks display.

  • Multiculturalism is expensive but it’s worth it to know you are creating a mosaic of diversity for the rest of the world to emulate. Well done, France.

  • Give them some pep pills because terrorist attacks are now called “Tuesday” in France.

    • More coffee!

      • Triple extra-strength espressos can fuel a police department to kill several bulls with their bare hands.

  • Daviddowntown

    They were tired so 84 innocents mangled and killed. Previously they were tired and their country was overrun by an equally despicable vermin and they were persuaded (didn’t take much persuading) to ship off innocent men, women and children to their deaths for the crime of being Jewish.

    • Alain

      Actually they were rounding up French Jews before the Nazis even requested, and the belongings, apartments, houses and businesses of those French Jews were immediately stolen by those innocent French non Jews.