No More After Nice, let’s stop the nonsense.

“…No more attempts to psychologically analyze every new jihadist—to probe his troubled family or professional life in an attempt to figure out what “turned him to violence and extremism.” No more reflexive reassurances that “this has nothing to do with Islam,” that a handful of bad guys have “hijacked” a “peaceful” faith, and that “the great majority of the world’s 1.5 billion Muslims are, of course, peace-loving people who utterly reject this kind of action.” No more slick pivoting to the subject of gun control, or American homophobia, or whatever other diversion seems useful under the specific circumstances. No more blaming of Europeans’ supposed failure to accept or embrace or integrate or employ Muslims, or of Muslims’ alleged poverty or hopelessness or frustration or alienation…”

  • ontario john

    I almost puked on my cat, when I heard the morons on CBC this morning say that the Nice attacker could just be an angry young man. Although feminist Trudeau probably believes that.

  • Linda1000

    My feeling exactly in the picture and do those public griefers have any clue as to how many in the muslim world are laughing at them after every successful jihadi attack. That’s a pretty radical article for Bruce Bawer but he nails it. Must be taking his cue from Milo these days. 🙂

    • A lot of people are fed up. No more excuses.

    • Alain

      Actually Bruce Bawer has been writing about this very danger for quiet some time. I read one of his books I found in the library which was excellent, but I honestly don’t recall the title. So if anything Milo would be taking his cue from Bruce.

      • Minicapt
      • Linda1000

        Yes, I know he has been writing for a long time about Islam, political culture, etc. but his previous articles that I have read tended to be much milder in tone. My impression is that Milo is a more “in-your-face” type of personality and Bawer has been a more reserved intellectual type. Maybe that’s totally wrong or maybe because he was restrained writing from over in Scandinavia for awhile (Norway?) where everything must be so PC. He must be back in the U.S. now? I haven’t read any of his books though and I hardly see anything written by him these days but I don’t go searching for his work either.

    • Surele Surele

      I would add: no more teddy bears, no more flowers and candles, no more tearful notes. time for action is ripe.

      • Will Quest

        & once again we suffer those bloody secular memorials of candles,flowers and stuffed animals that quickly turn into piles of festering garbage , a fitting, rotting tribute to the gratuitous self-loathing of ‘progressives’ & also fitting tributes to western values under attacked and offered as a sacrifice to the GAWDS of multi-culturalism.
        The ‘progressives’ adore to genuflex at those piles of rotting garbage….. their sweet secular altars… telling isn’t it ?????
        & Simple Simon says …. with crocodile tears …let’s go light a candle and sing our ohhhh-sooo ‘progressive’ hymn…… Imagine there’s no………

  • No more Mr Nice guy?

  • Walt

    Well put. I would say, though, that although Milo is generally spot on in what he says, he concentrates too heavily on the dangers to the homo community. He needs to point out more forcefully that, as I read elsewhere just now, “Muslims
    do not hate us for our freedoms. They do not hate us for our possessions. They
    do not hate us, really, for any reason but one: we are not Muslim.” As such we’re all in the same boat. And that boat is sinking, fast.