ISIS claim responsibility for ACCIDENTAL fireworks blaze at the Eiffel Tower in bizarre new video montage

ISIS has released a bizarre video celebrating the Bastille Day massacre and claiming responsibility for setting the Eiffel Tower on fire – despite the blaze being caused by fireworks.

The Islamic terrorist network released a gloating montage of their atrocities which included the attacks in Paris last year, the bombings in Brussels, the Sinai air disaster, and the mass shootings of LGBT people in Orlando.

Strangely the militants also try to claim they attacked Paris’s iconic landmark, even thought French authorities have confirmed that it was simply an issue with pyrotechnics organised for the Bastille Day celebrations.

  • ntt1

    french authorities have little or no credibility after being caught down playing muslim violence.

    • It is a sad truth.

    • Alain

      True but then the same applies to every country in the West.

      • ntt1

        yes it does but we have to connect the dots as to why so many national authorities are so out of step with their populations. france and britain are examples

  • Hard Little Machine

    Tour Eiffel is coming down, 3 years at the most.

    • ntt1

      it is cast iron ,very brittle and while reinforced over the years , it is still very vulnerable. Here is a useless fact, the original four legs rested on 2 metres of ox hide as shock absorbers and sway dampers. they were replaced in the early 70s which is when I visited ,