How Serious Is Sweden’s Fight against Islamic Terrorism and Extremism?

“…Jihadists who come to Sweden know that there are many liberal politicians looking for invisible “right-wing extremists”, and feminists who think what is really important is using “gender perspective” in the fight against extremism and terrorism.”

  • It must suck to be Swedish security personnel. One may really wish his country to be safe but he has to deal with numb-nuts.

    • B__2

      It is quite possible that Swedish security personnel have no idea where the danger is coming from. The Swedish politicians, government, police and media refuse to gather and refuse to publish information about the perpetrators. When you are not allowed to examine whether something common to ‘Mamood’ or ‘Bilal’ might be at fault, it must be frustrating to be unable to find the right-wing fascists ‘Adolf’ or ‘Benito’ that all right-thinking (i.e. socialist) Swedes say must be the cause of Sweden’s problems. When even a Swedish woman refuses to report her rape by an immigrant because she feels sorry for her rapist, then you have a complete avoidance of reality running so deeply that it is possible that Sweden will fall without ever understanding her enemy or even being able to name it.

      • The security personnel may have a better handle on things, however. But they cannot do anything about the growing problem.