France: Incidents of urban violence on July 14 Bastille Day

A non-exhaustive collection of news articles detailing acts of urban violence in France on Bastille Day July 14th 2016 (Note – Google Translate)

“Young people” typically refers to members of the religion of peace.

France has lost control of its streets.

Achères (78) : three young people arrested while they were making Molotov cocktails. Source

Angers (49) : trash fire in a building, 50 evacuees Source

Argenteuil (95) : several cars and rubbish bins on fire, vandalized a bus shelter. Source

Arras (62) : a gradient shelters, four young people arrested Source

Audincourt (25) : a burned car, trash fires Source

Beaucourt (90) : two trash fires and a car fire Source

Beauvais (60) : stoned police and firefighters, vehicle fires.
Source: Courrier Picard, Friday, July 15

Belfort (90) : a burned trash. The fire spread to a gas meter Source

Besançon (25)   : damage to street furniture, stoned controllers, one of them wounded, the forces of order stoned two buses and two trams have had their windows smashed, burnt garbage cans. Source

Blois (41) : two vehicle fires Source

Bois-Guillaume (76) : twenty Molotov cocktails found in a park. Source

Bonneuil-sur-Marne (94) : fifty people have deteriorated particular there garbage, in Wednesday night a group of young people attacked the police. the vehicles burned, the police have been the target of missile throwing and mortar fire. Source

Boulogne-sur-Mer (62) : they steal a car chase and then burn Source

Brest (29) : three burned cars and trash fires Source

Bron (69) [The night of 14 to 15]: Police under attack, two cars and several garbage cans on fire, a fire of brush to draw fire in an ambush. Source

Calais (62) : a disturbing series of bins and vehicle fires, a dozen trash fires in the night of 14 to 15. Source and Source

Champs-sur-Marne (77) [The night of 13 to 14]: a bus stoned, at least 3 cars torched. [The night of 14 to 15] clashes with security forces, a mortar jet. Source

Condé-sur-l’Escaut (59) : a car fire Source

Compiègne (60) : stoned firefighters in intervention, 4 fires 3 cars and trash fires. Source

Courcouronnes (91) : caillassée the police, a policeman wounded in an arrest. Source

Danjoutin (90) : two 15- and 17 broke into the grounds of Mozart college in Danjoutin. They damaged the roof with a fire extinguisher before stealing the car radio in a construction machine.Source

Dijon (21) : two vehicles on fire Source

Etampes (91) : in the night of 14 to 15 July, a municipal police patrol was the target of stone-throwing. Source

Evreux (27) : urban violence after the fireworks, burned cars and trash, the police referred several police officers injured. Source and Source

Flers (61) : a burned car, a second affected Source

Garges-lès-Gonesse (95) : at least one car on fire and several garbage cans. Source

Hauts-de-Seine : on the night of Wednesday to Thursday, forty people were arrested for trash fires, vehicles and missile throwing. The police have arrested nearly as many suspects the next night. Source

La Chapelle-d’Armentières (59) : a car fire Source

Les Sables d’Olonne (85) : violence episodes, 5 arrests. Five young people from Val-de-Marne were taken into custody twice in one week, and one of them three times. A police union spoke of “urban guerrilla”. On several occasions since the beginning of July, the brigades had to use tear gas. Police have received several bottles and projectiles. Source

Les Ulis (91) : the door of the Town Hall and that of the municipal police station have been the target of vandals shortly after 2 hours. A policeman was also burned by his own grenade going off alone when she was in her pocket. Source

Lognes (77) [The night of 13 to 14]: 3 built dams and burned, police targeted by mortar fire, car fire and garbage, 4 arrests. [The night of 14 to 15] 2 and 3 cars torched garbage which one roof, taking police to target the police arrived on the scene, have been the target of mortar and glass bottles. Source and Source

Meaux (77) : Police targeted by mortars, two cars, a pickup truck and two bins on fire. Source

Meyzieu (69) : several trash fires and mattresses Source

Mitry-Mory (77) : 4 vehicles torched, two police cars stoned. Source

Nandy (77) : bins on fire. Source

Nanterre (92) : a dozen cars burned, seven or eight cars burned by contagion. Source

Nemours (77) : stoned the police when they intervened on trash fires. an interpellation. Source

Neuville-Saint-Rémy (59) : a car fire. Source

Nevers (58) : more garbage fires, one of them has spread to the ground floor of a building.Source

Nice (06) : hedge fire at the cemetery, a fire at the St. Mark’s church, a truck and a car on fire in the parking lot of the Saint-Augustin station. Source

Nieppe (59) : a burned car. Source

Noisiel (77) [The night of 13 to 14]: 3des shop windows broken by stone throwing. [The night of 14 to 15] police officers targeted by Molotov cocktails, the police targeted by mortar fire. A young arrested. Source and Source

Offemont (90) : a car fire Source

Oise : twenty arson have been identified Source

Oyonnax (01) : 12 cars and garbage burned during the night of Thursday to Friday, the owners are disgusted and exasperated Source

Pontault-Combault (77) : mortars were again held against the police. Source

Poitiers (86) : Serial trash fires in the Three Cities and Couronneries and stone throwing at policeSource

Quetigny (21) : a car fire Source

Quincy-sous-Senart (91) : Officers were attacked by youths while they were securing the intervention of firefighters came to extinguish a fire garbage container. Source

Rennes (35) : Two cars burned, a showcase affected by fire Source

Rhône : just under 80 cars were burned during the festivities of July 14, 32 interpellations Source

Ris (91) : Jean Ferrat driveway, trash fires were recorded and the police were targeted by gunfire from fireworks mortars. Three youths were arrested. Source

Rouen (76) : a man vandalizing a police car at a red light. Source

Rueil-Malmaison (92) : ambush, police targeted by mortar fire Source

Saint-Michel-sur-Orge (91) : thugs attacked many cars, hand iron bars. The security forces were responsible and were stones and Molotov cocktails. Source

Saint-Quentin (02) : four cars burned Source

Sainte-Geneviève-des-Bois (91) : fire, a police patrol caillassée by forty young. Source

Savigny-le-Temple (77) : burned garbage cans. Source

Seine-Saint-Denis [The night of 13 to 14]: thirty cars burned and fifty stone throwing. Source

Souppes-sur-Loing (77) : taking police to target the windshield of a police car shattered. Source

Steinbach (68) : a car fire Source

Torcy (77) : the premises of the municipal police ransacked part. Source

Val-de-Marne [The night of 13 to 14]: 34 cars and 40 garbage bins on fire, nine jets projectiles and 33 mortars, 61 arrests. Source

Val-de-Marne [The night of 14 to 15]: 36 arrests, 27 cars on fire, 36 burnt garbage, 30 missile throwing and thirty mortars. Source

Valentigney (25) : Two cars burned Source

Vaulx-en-Velin (69) [The night of 14 to 15]: 24 cars burned, burned garbage, including daylight, a damaged ATM Source and Source

Venissieux (69) [The night of 13 to 14]: two cars burned. stoned police and firefighters. Source

Venissieux (69) [The night of 14 to 15]: three vehicle damage, many burned trash, an individual arrested after fired mortars against the police. Source and Source and Source

Villeurbanne (69) : the contested police mortar and caillassée, many garbage and several cars were torched in Tonkin. Source and Source

Villiers-le-Bel (95) : clashes, a policeman seriously wounded, several bins and at least two vehicles burned. Source and Source

Viry-Chatillon (91) : Thursday, at 1 pm 30 am, a 15 year old was arrested for throwing stones at firefighters from extinguishing a fire and trash at the police. A peacekeeper fell and was injured during the arrest. Source

Yvelines : 12 arrests, the number of trash fires appears to be declining, although no official figures have revealed. The number of cars burned would be him, up from last year. Source


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