… my bullshit detector is off its scale, and I’m no conspiracy theorist.

  • Exile1981

    Thats funny I was saying to the wife that the turkish coup smelled fishy and that i thought it was just a staged event for eregdan to purge his enemies.

  • Cat-astrophe

    (No Puns, sarcasm or cynicism in my comment)

    Hat’s off to Larry! (sorry, just that one)

    And thank you Nightmouse for bringing it forward.

    It was like reading my thoughts about both these incidents exactly as my first impressions.
    In my life I’ve learned to trust my gut instinct, believe my first conclusion is mostly correct, to not change my answer on the test when I have already chosen, because 90% or better of the time the first choice or realization is right.

    My first thought of the truck video was: This is like watching a grainy version of “Street Outlaws”. How and why did he catch the truck staged at the start? How did this guy follow the progress? A drone? Reading MSM fills in the blanks.

    For the coup, first thought was, Erodgan was recently talking to Russia, he said Assad might be best for Syria (was he detailing his plan to Syria, and offering Assad a position?). And other odd actions as well. We know he wants the return of the Ottoman. We have for years. We know from history that before a tyrant can show his true colors he has to “Purge” dissent (there is that movie again). I see this amature coup as a sting operation to draw known dissenters into a position of open complicity, so they can be hung. The hunt is on for more, the dissapearances will begin.

    Thanks for your article Larry and the Pickering Post. More is needed from other journalists exactly the same.

  • Hard Little Machine

    The Media reflexively reports that No Attack Shall Be Deemed Islamic No Matter What. So of course when the inevitable proof that’s a lie surfaces it makes them look bad. But the Media does what it is ordered to do so there you have it.

    In terms of Turkey, Erdogan hobbled the army years ago by replacing competent staff with Islamic and political flunkies. I’m not sure he’d to resort to a Reichstag fire to seize total control. I guess there’s always a possibility. I think what happened is that he planned on a mass purge of the Armed Forces and they got wind of it and tried to beat him to the punch.

    BTW now would be a GREAT time for the Kurds and everyone else to wage total war on Turkey. It would also be a great time for Cyprus and Greece to kick the Turks out of Cyprus and all of Turkish Thrace except for Istanbul.

  • Maggat

    Funny, but my BS detector started to point to Erdogan’s role as the coup provocateur about the time things conveniently started to fall apart.