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Women react near the scene where a truck mowed through revelers in Nice, southern France, Friday, July 15, 2016. A Tunisian living in France drove a large truck through crowds celebrating Bastille Day along Nice's beachfront, killing more than 80 people, many of them children, according to police and hospital officials. (AP Photo/Francois Mori)

Time for political elites to stand up to sharia

Our political class, which includes both parties, spent an entire month debating gun control and turning a blind eye to the combatants behind those guns and how we have willfully allowed them into our country and have promoted their Muslim Brotherhood lobbyists at the highest levels of government. Last night, in Nice, France, a Tunisian-Muslim immigrant murdered 84 people in a Jihad attack that mainly involved a truck. He also reportedly got out of the car, shouted “Allah Akbar,” and began shooting into the crowd with a firearm he took from the truck, which was loaded with grenades and firearms. France has stricter gun laws than even what Democrats [publicly] want implemented in our country, yet they are suffering even more at the hands of Islamic jihad. What will it take to end the willful blindness on the part of political elites?

Nice_attack_“I_blame_France_for_their_careless_immigration_policies”_—_because_I_just_saw_the_results_first_hand_-_The_Rebel_-_2016-07-15_16.58.15From idealism to disillusion, the shifting profile of Islamist attackers

Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel, who killed at least 84 people by driving a truck through crowds in the French town, was not a pious, educated man in the mould of Mohamed Atta, one of the hijackers behind the 9-11 attacks in the United States in 2001.

Rather, neighbours and family describe him as a troubled man who lived apart from his wife and three children and drank alcohol, something forbidden by Islam.

“It seems that he was radicalised very quickly,” said French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve.

That poses a big problem for authorities, who have put much of their focus on tackling hardline Islamist ideology by seeking to spread counter-arguments in schools and mosques.

sharia will rule the worldJim Hanson: Enforce a ‘Sharia Exclusion Ban for Entry into the United States’

“Existing immigration law allows us to ban adherents to totalitarian ideologies,” he pointed out. “We don’t even need to change the law. We just need to enforce it against what is not a religion, what is a governmental, and cultural, and life-crushing oppressive ideology. So let’s do it. Gingrich was right, Trump’s right, that we shouldn’t let people in from jihadist-controlled areas. And all of these things will be about the only thing that’s going to make us safer in the long run.”

obama is a fucking muslimGlobalist Obama: Terrorists, Racist Cops Are ‘Chronic Impulses’ to Be Defeated by Global Elites

For Obama, everyone –jihadis and cops, Catholics and capitalists, atheists and Australians — must subordinate their political, religious and legal affiliations to the greater authority of a single globalist power.

They can’t compete, fight, defend themselves, intermarry, argue, compromise on principles, form their own countries, convert their rivals, or even campaign for political gains, because then they’re just expressing primitive supremacist “impulses” that must be suppressed by international organizations, according to Obama.

Nightclub_Shooting-0eab7-0570FBI has found no evidence that Orlando shooter targeted Pulse because it was a gay club

“While there can be no denying the significant impact on the gay community, the investigation hasn’t revealed that he targeted Pulse because it was a gay club,” a U.S. law enforcement official said.

Soon after the shooting in the early morning of June 12, top U.S officials such as the FBI director and U.S. attorney general described it as both a hate crime and an act of Islamic terrorism. The shooting rattled the gay community, which felt singled out by Mateen.

So it was just a convenient gun free zone?

Mike-PenceHere’s how the liberal media already is attacking Mike Pence

Huffpo: Mike Pence: Sarah Palin Without The Charisma

It is too amazing to be true. Donald Trump charged Arthur Culvahouse, the same DC lawyer who vetted Sarah Palin, with vetting his VP choices.

And Trump has ended up picking Sarah Palin, without the charisma.

One source who used to work as a senior staff member in the House of Representatives told me, “Pence, smart? I used to eat salads at the Rayburn cafeteria that had more brains than Mike Pence.”

That certainly fits Mike Pence.

crime scene (4)FBI issues ‘credible threat’ warning to South Florida law enforcement

The FBI issued a “credible threat” warning to law enforcement agencies throughout South Florida on Friday.

In a brief, one-paragraph statement, FBI Special Agent Michael Leverock said his agency offered a “safety bulletin” regarding the threat to police departments. No further information was available.

bigstock-College-Students-Preparing-For-31421852Social justice this year’s hot topic for summer reading assignments

Students at Wesleyan University, for instance, will read The New Jim Crow: Mass Incarceration in the Age of Colorblindness by Michelle Alexander, which argues that strict sentencing laws for drug crimes intentionally targeted black men.

“It builds a lot on the issues of Black Lives Matter that we and many universities dealt with last year,” Wesleyan Provost Joyce Jacobsen told Inside Higher Ed. “It’s about the systematic aspect of racism, in the sense that the incarceration rate is so much higher for minorities. It’s the kind of book that students would start grappling with in college and keep reading after college.”

Sheriff-Skagit-County-640x480Cops Not Welcome, Says Washington State Restaurant Owner

Four Skagit County, Washington, deputies were having lunch at the Lucky Teriyaki restaurant in Sedro-Wolley earlier in the week. When two of the deputies approached the cash register to pay there bill, the owner told them they were no longer welcome to eat at his restaurant, according to a post by the sheriff on the department’s Facebook page.

Sheriff Will Reichardt was stunned to hear of this. He had his chief deputy contact the owner to confirm the information. “The owner not only repeated the request but asked that we spread the word to other law enforcement that they were no longer welcome either.”

pamela gellerPamela Geller: “The federal government authorizes Facebook, Twitter and YouTube to censor ‘anti-Islamic’ speech — It’s sharia”

Of course, this is just the latest chapter in Facebook’s crackdown on free speech.

We also talk about our mutual experiences with YouTube monetization, Facebook’s news “curators” and their strange choices for “trending stories”, and other social media roadblocks that free speech advocates face.

stop the acluACLU preparing for legal challenges if Trump gets elected

The American Civil Liberties Union (ACLU) released a 28-page report Friday arguing most of the presumptive Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump’s governing agenda is unconstitutional, and promises to keep a running tally of all Trump’s policy goals that run afoul of the Constitution.

Titled “The Trump Memos,” the analysis encompasses the New York billionaire’s proposals on immigration, torture, libel, abortion, and government surveillance. It effectively serves as a blueprint for the legal arguments the ACLU would marshall when challenging Trump’s initiatives if elected president.

“Donald Trump’s proposed policies, if carried out, would trigger a constitutional crisis,” ACLU Executive Director Anthony D. Romero wrote Wednesday in the Washington Post. “By our reckoning, a Trump administration would violate the First, Fourth, Fifth and Eighth amendments if it tried to implement his most controversial plans.”

An automobile driver uses the Waze Inc.'s mapping service, displayed on an Apple Inc. iPhone 5 in this arranged photograph in London, U.K., on Friday, May 24, 2013. Google Inc. is considering buying map-software provider Waze Inc., setting up a possible bidding war with Facebook Inc., people familiar with the matter said. Photographer: Chris Ratcliffe/Bloomberg

Your Car’s Been Studying You Closely and Everyone Wants the Data

As you may have suspected, your car is spying on you. Fire up a new model and it updates more than 100,000 data points, including rather personal details like the front-seat passenger’s weight. The navigation system tracks every mile and remembers your route to work. The vehicular brain is smart enough to help avoid traffic jams or score parking spaces, and soon will be able to log not only your itineraries but your internet shopping patterns.

The connected car will be a wonderful convenience or an intrusive nightmare, depending on your tolerance. For automakers, it could be a gold mine, which is why the industry is building firewalls to keep the likes of Google Inc. and Apple Inc. at bay — and hoping to pry you away from their phones and apps when you’re motoring.

nice attackNice Terror Attack Likely to Spark Frexit as National Front’s Le Pen Surges

As the country now looks to pick up the pieces following another mass casualty event that struck terror in the hearts of the public and ripped at the very fabric of France’s national identity, the possibility of France departing from the EU under the command of a future President Marine Le Pen appears all but certain marking the final act of the European experiment.

The reality is that the collapse of the European experiment and a move to shut down the open borders within the Schengen Zone has been a long time coming with similar populist uprisings occurring throughout Europe from Britain to Germany and Austria to Greece.

130622184731-natpkg-orig-john-blake-voices-of-voting-rights-00053509-story-topU. of Wisconsin Center Separated Students by Race to Discuss Shootings

The University of Wisconsin at Madison’s Multicultural Student Center held racially segregated meetings on Monday for students, faculty, and staff to discuss the recent fatal shootings of African-American men in Missouri and Louisiana as well as the killing of five police officers in Dallas last week, reported the Wisconsin State Journal on Wednesday.

In a now-deleted Facebook post, the center advertised two meetings for white students and university employees and two meetings for minority students and university employees, the Journal reported.

black-lives-matter-vancouverBlack Lives Matter Vancouver wants police float out of Pride parade

Black Lives Matter Vancouver is asking police to voluntarily withdraw its float from the upcoming Pride Parade, as a “show of solidarity and understanding” that officer involvement in the march creates an unsafe atmosphere for some communities.

The open letter published by the activist group on Friday comes weeks after its Toronto counterparts halted the city’s parade until organizers signed off on a list of demands including banning police floats from future marches.