Black Lives Matter Activist Calls For Violent Coup In U.S.

Disgraced Black Lives Matter activist Shaun King is this close to getting thrown behind bars for a very long time.

  • Martin B

    There is nothing #blacklivesmatter can say or do that will make politicians stop pandering to them (I’m looking at you John Tory).

    • Sad but true.

    • Mr_bigstuff

      Exactly my point- This is a letter I sent to the Toronto Sun that for some reason! went unpublished –

      “”Premier Kathleen Wynne and Mayor
      John Tory get an earful at anti-racism meeting ”

      The mayor of the largest city in Canada was called a coward by a
      group of bigoted radical racist dirtbags and he sat there and
      took it? How can he expect anybody to regard him as other then
      the spineless wimp that he is? This is disgusting – He should
      have gotten up and walked out of the meeting after asking these
      BLM pigs a few questions such as – Are you Canadian? Do you have
      a job? Do you know who your father is? Do you have a criminal
      record? As usual nobody in government at any level has the balls
      to stand up to these vocal minorities – If I was a Toronto
      resident I would be calling for the resignation of John Tory –
      He has proven once again he is not the man for the job if he can
      even look in the mirror and call himself a man- I am disgusted
      with this turn of events- What is wrong with this country?”

      • Will Quest

        The majority of Torontonians relish this ‘progressive’ cowardice , they would be screaming, blue murder, if their officials didn’t cower ………

  • Observer

    Anybody know a good bookie?

    I want the odds of on whether it will be Islam or BLM that causes sedition laws in the USA to start being enforced again.

    They don’t even seem to enforcing the laws on counselling people to commit an indictable offense if those people belong to one of those two groups.

  • He’s a white guy~!

    • That’s ‘Pretty Fly for a White Guy’~!

      • Linda1000

        What does that mean? Sorry, slow Canuck here.
        Anyway, this silly little cracker needs his pretty white head or ass stomped on just like you would do to a cockroach. And what’s with those idiot young, white but mostly female SJWs I see marching in the streets with the BLM groups? I’m totally fed up with their promotion of violence and killing of police of officers and they should all be thrown in jail, along with their political enablers.

    • DMB

      Just like Mohammed who many in the BLM, Black Panthers, Nation of Islam follow.

    • B__2

      Stop being racist! The fact that someone can trace no african genetic lineage in the last few hundred or thousand years doesn’t mean that, in today’s SJW world view, he can’t identify as colored, be treated as colored, and receive all group benefits of being colored. If Shaun self-identified as Superman, well he could fly and leap tall buildings in a single leap – no problem!

      Having a white father and white mother is just a societal discrimination against the struggling black genes yearning to be free and recognised. After all, aren’t we all descended from the humans on the African continent, many tens of thousands of years ago?

    • Samuel

      In America you can be whatever you want to be.

      • Alain

        Oh, that really goes for Canada today.

    • Alain

      I think you know that biology, science and just plain facts mean nothing any more. If you feel that you are really a woman in a man’s body, you are a woman and the same goes for the reverse. So if he feels he is black, we are not allowed to point out that facts do not back it up. Isn’t the Orwellian world amazing?

  • reidjr

    I think BLM is split in two you have the one side that wants peaceful protests then you have the crazy’s like this guy who wants a coup.

    • lolwut?

      Nope. BLM is a radical black supremacist/separatist/Marxist group
      funded by Soros, CAIR and others.

      It’s based on the acts and words of a convicted cop killer and domestic terrorist who fled to Cuba named Assata Shakur.

    • Clausewitz

      BLM is nothing more than an extortion racket in search of suckers who’ll pay up and fast. The idiot’s in Toronto are already quoted as saying that they’ll incite a race war unless they are paid off. Call their bluff, give them their little war, society will be better for it once the dust settles.

  • robins111

    Better be careful what you ask for there Talcum-X

  • lolwut?
    • Ed

      He be bangin Dolezal and makin trans babies!

    • ntt1

      I guess the lack of afro hair is why he keeps it short, no expensive perm treatments ala dolezal. he is obviously white

  • Why is anyone listening to this pasty creep?

  • Ron MacDonald
  • All Too Much

    I hope he doesn’t cross the subversion line. We don’t need another f’ing black cause of the week trial to go through.

  • mauser 98
  • Alain

    So basically he wants the United States ruled by blacks. To save my life I have yet to locate a single country governed by blacks that is successful. Oh well, I know I am being silly since the truth doesn’t matter any more.