Attack Catholicism? Progressive. Criticise Islam? Racist

In the recent wave of attacks across Baghdad, ISIS killed hundreds of innocent civilians, mostly Shia, as they celebrated Ramadan. These attacks were declared proof that “ISIS is anti-Islam” in various media headlines.

Yet when other religions are implicated in serious social harms — even against their own — these have been seen as inextricably linked to the offender’s religion.

  • Ed

    Not just other religions… When Gamil Gharbi killed those students in Quebec, that was no “lone wolf” according to the MSM… no sir, that was all men, given enough time.

    And because these types of examples just pile up, nobody gives a shit what the MSM says anymore.

    • Alain

      The Liberal government and the MSM even buried his real name and being a Muslim, since the truth would not have advanced their goal of criminalising all legal gun owners and all white Canadian males.

    • Surele Surele

      Most do not even know his real name and motives. It is still ‘celebrated’, or commemorated as an attack on women by, you guessed it, patriarchal, women hating men. All white men are guilty by association. Including my husband and two wonderful sons. Sheesh.

  • Replace certain words with “Islam” or “Muslim” and so forth and watch the crap hit the fan:

    “In his 26 years as imam, no cleric was made ayatollah who did not follow
    the hard Islamic line on the role of women, birth control and abortion. It
    is a truism among Islamic historians today that this stopped needed
    reform in its tracks. By naming these grey, monochromatic men to major mosques, he turned off the oxygen needed to continue the necessary renewal in the ummah.”

    That vitriolic screed is seen as hard-hitting and objective even though it reads as usual Jack Chick/leftist garbage. If it was published in the Red Star as I re-wrote it, Islamic apologists would be tripping over themselves to deflect it.

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