Confirmed: 3 Baton Rouge cops killed in shopping center shooting

Baton Rouge police are hunting for the gunman who killed at least two cops near a shopping center Sunday morning, officials said.

More than one Baton Rouge officers was shot near the Hammond Aire Plaza, police said. The city’s mayor said at least two cops died in the carnage, the Advocate reported.

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No clear info yet, as many as 3 officers may be dead, 7 shot in total, no word about the shooter other than the situation is “contained” which evidently does not mean “apprehended”.


Fox8 – Live coverage


Masked gunman shoots dead three cops and wounds at least three more in ambush before being killed by officers in Baton Rouge – the city where Alton Sterling’s death began wave of anger two weeks ago

Live Stream… 1 suspect dead, possibly 2 more on the run