Turkey coup: 2,700 judges removed from duty following failed overthrow attempt

The Turkish government has removed 2,745 judges from duty in the wake of a failed military coup in which over 161 people were killed.

The decision followed an emergency meeting of Turkey’s Judges and Prosecutors High Council which was called to discuss members’ links to US-based cleric Fethullah Gülen, the leader of a reformist Muslim movement.

The meeting saw the dismissal of 2,745 judges along with several members of the council itself, which is Turkey’s highest judiciary board.

  • It’s gonna get ugly especially if in fact Gulen was behind the coup.

  • Martin B

    This coup is Erdogan’s Reichstag Fire. He will use it to abolish every last vestige of opposition and declare himself Sultan.

  • El Martyachi

    …. really interested in knowing what military movements around the world look like right now.

  • ontario john

    And so it begins. Turkey will quickly turn into another fascist islamic state. And Western leaders will applaud it. Because none of the elites want to admit that islam is a disease on the planet.

  • Cat-astrophe

    Just a coincidence for sure, but didn’t the second “Purge” movie just get released.
    No possible way they are going to do one like that in Turkey, eh?

  • ontario john

    When I was stationed in Turkey years ago, the islamic movement was starting to grow at that time. Many of the officers I knew in the Turkish military were alarmed at this. They believed in a secular state. Although to be honest, I found most Turks in the military to be a rather useless lot. But then, I found most Turks to be a rather corrupt useless lot.

  • xavier

    The Kurds are about to face an Armenian type genocide. Wait for Erogodan to declare that Gulen has created an unnatural alliance between him and the Kurds thus justifying the brutality