Nice terrorist: Investigators still want to know, ‘Why did he do it?’

No, no, that isn’t a joke headline. The authorities will twist reality into knots trying to deny the truth here – that a pork-eating, alcohol-drinking, non-devout Muslim decided to commit mass murder. They need to deny the truth because that profile fits millions of Muslims around the world.

  • I bet they blame it on Trump, the NRA and Christianity.

    • And global warming.

      • terrence22

        And George Bush, and Stephen Harper

        • Maurice Miner

          Diversity is our strength, don’t you know?

        • And possibly Netanyahu just because….

      • xavier

        And meat eating as well as hunting

        • But not tofu-eating, strangely enough.

          I imagine eating any of that would turn someone into a lunatic.

    • gaijin

      From what I read on a French website, I believe it’s Dreuz, the fellow was
      a police informer for years and Isis found out and made him an offer
      he could not refuse.

  • Cat-astrophe

    72 first’s, that’s why.
    His life was a worthless turd, what he have to loose?

    • Will Quest

      I’m glad they martyred that halal-prick . He is on his way to the islamic celestial bordello to eternally jump 72 virgins along-side rivers of flowing wine ……… Allahu-Ackbar ……

  • mauser 98

    start deporting innocent muslims.. tell relatives to give accurate info on the bad guys or they go.. word gets around

  • Um, the infidel has cooties?

  • Observer

    You can break all the rules you want as long as in the end you kill or die to promote the “faith” and it promises you will get your 72 virigins.

    • Dana Garcia

      That’s right — any psycho-killer puke can go to heaven as long as he dedicates his sicko behavior to allah. Convenient!

  • Shebel

    or, It could be that you just like to kill innocent women and babies—
    and there is only one Religion that Glorifies being a sicko.

  • Dana Garcia

    “Not a real Muslim” is one of their favorite excuses, right below “Nothing to do with Islam.”

  • Maurice Miner

    Look, it is about time that all Dar al-Harb nations seek a resolution with Teutonic efficiency. No, not THAT sort of Teutonic efficiency, but a modern iteration.

    Every Dar al-Harb country subject to Mohammedan outrages should simply randomly select 1,000 Mohammedan residents for each person killed in an attack, conduct a DNA profile of each randomly selected person, and deport them to their genetic country of origin.

    Of course, being caring and sharing Dar al-Harb nations, children and the elderly or infirm will not be included in the random selection – merely males aged between 19 and 55, and women of the same age group without children.

    A simple, elegant and effective solution to Mohammedan jihad and violence.

    • john700

      I notice you’ve excluded the children from the deportation. Why postponing the problem?

      • ntt1

        right, focus on deporting the young the elderly will age out of “activism” and die off eventually.

      • Maurice Miner

        Plus, ALL of the children will eventually attain the age of 19.

        It’s a win/win scenario.

        • Maurice Miner

          Although, when I think about it, it should be 2,000 Mohammedan residents for every person killed, and 1,000 for each serious injury.

          There is a lot of legislative space here, so it can conceivably be properly thought out, with correct ratios etc.

  • Daviddowntown

    You don’t actually think that the people who apologized to the japanese for excluding them from our midst while we fought there brothers after their cowardly attack at Pearl Harbour are going to admit the truth about the death cult?

  • eMan14

    I thought being stupid was a disadvantage to employment.

    • Shebel

      Was it?
      Sorry—I just could not resist.

      • eMan14

        It never was… but should be.

  • Alain

    I don’t for a second buy that this is due to ignorance or stupidity; it is pure malice or worse. Even a barnyard chicken is capable of recognising a threat and an enemy.

  • ntt1

    the love of bacon is a powerful thing, even my 16 year old siamese, a devout buddhist, loves bacon, it should be included on board all future space probes ,forget the top 40 records and cheesy politico photos.
    Just the thought of reverting back to joyless islam would be enough to tip the average goat humper over the edge and it obviously does.

  • Brett_McS

    A lot of apologists commenters are saying “But he wasn’t a devout Muslim; he couldn’t have done this for religious reasons”, to which the response is “Maybe he wasn’t a good Muslim, but he redeemed himself in the eyes of Allah with this act of Jihad, and is now the greatest of Muslims: a Shaheed.” As the Imam would have explained to him.

    • Will Quest

      Yesss a shaheed on a mission…. it was a sudden holy-jihad syndrome , a halal-prick wanting to be martyred for a ticket to the islamic celestial bordello … that type of rabid radicalization is not uncommon…..

  • Shebel

    ‘Radical Islam’ is a Western Construct —- so is the term-
    “Islamophobia”—– doesn’t even show up in the dictionary–

    So –Whom is the REAL ENEMY ?

    The Devout Muslims are honest enough to say that they want to kill and or subjugate us – I appreciate their honesty. They are at war with us. This is OK.

    How do you explain our useless Leaders ?

  • WalterBannon

    Maybe he needed a parka?

  • Hard Little Machine

    Not enough trans bathrooms and too much gluten

    • Justin St.Denis

      The “Tranny In Every Washroom Facility” policy currently being pursued by Obama and Trudeau will encounter the demographic reality of “not enough Trannies” fairly soon. Trannies in Canada will unionize and raise the price of their washroom visits. Provincial governments will line up to reserve their “Tranny Time”. Trannies will become an economic force……….