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2016-07-15-nbc-tday-leiterNBC, CNN Blame France for ‘Disenfranchisement’ and ‘Isolation’ of Muslims

On Friday’s Today, NBC terror analyst Michael Leiter partly blamed France for Thursday’s terrorist attack in the resort town of Nice: “The French really do have a disenfranchised Muslim population…which has become extremely isolated. And even France’s efforts to allow for the free expression of religion has, I think arguably in some cases, produced more isolation and more radicalization.”

In the 2 p.m. ET hour of CNN Newsroom, anchor Brooke Baldwin teed up senior international correspondent Nima Elbagir to make an identical argument: “Make your point again for people who are just joining us. The notion is, we covered the terror attacks in Paris last November and we’ve talked about the disenfranchised Muslim community in that part of the country.”

facebookFacebook makes little progress in race and gender diversity

Facebook has said about one-third of its workers are female, while black employees accounted for 3% of its US senior leadership, both numbers only slightly higher than a year earlier.

The data released by the world’s largest social network on Thursday reflects the scant progress made by Silicon Valley heavyweights in making their workplaces more diverse in the face of criticism for having mostly white, male workers.

BLM_ObamaThe Establishment Is Giving “Black Lives Matter” A Free Pass To Incite Violence

Black Lives Matter “advocates for justice, dignity, and respect.” At least, that’s the Kool-Aid they distribute on their web site as they come up with such dignified and respectful chants during protests as Pigs in a blanket, fry ’em like bacon! after committing terrorist acts on U.S. soil like assassinating police while getting a press pass from Marxist media and encouragement to continue with sophistry from our President.

Meanwhile, showing their contempt for non-Marxists and non-self loathing whites, social media majors like Facebook, and tech majors like Google, Microsoft, and even Pandora came out in unified support of the radical BLM hate group right after five Dallas police officers were murdered by a BLM supporter, before the families even had time to put them in caskets.

In the meantime, legacy media manipulates facts and stories to keep white people and police on the defense against Marxist narratives in a crusade against reality and common sense. (It also makes one wonder if ethnic cleansing, i.e. of white populations, is a globalist agenda item. More on that another time.)

mosque in dearbornMost U.S. Mosques Teach Violence

Last week came new confirmation that mosques in the U.S. aren’t quite holding potluck suppers and teaching civic pieties. A new study has demonstrated that 80% of mosques right in this country are teaching jihad warfare and Islamic supremacism.

Researchers Mordechai Kedar and David Yerushalmi reported in the Summer 2011 issue of Middle East Quarterly about a new survey that found that “51% of mosques had texts that either advocated the use of violence in the pursuit of a Sharia-based political order or advocated violent jihad as a duty that should be of paramount importance to a Muslim.” Another 30% of mosques in the United States “had only texts that were moderately supportive of violence,” while only “19% had no violent texts at all.”

GOPOCCleveland GOP Convention Open Carry Zone, Just Not Inside.

There’s been some speculation over the last several months that open carry was going to be allowed inside the convention hall too, but come to find out, the Secret Service was able to work out a deal where folks have to check their guns at the door so candidates and delegates can be inside a gun-free zone, while surrounded outside by an Open Carry zone. I wonder if some of the protesters out there will have guns. Hmmm, I’ll bet some protesting the protesters will.

nice truck attackNice: Neither Hillary Clinton nor Barack Obama Mentions ‘Radical Islam’

Clinton called into The O’Reilly Factor on Fox News on Thursday evening — a rare foray by the presumptive Democratic nominee.

She mentioned “this is a war against these terrorist groups, these radical jihadist groups,” but did not ascribe the attacks directly to “Islam” or “radical Islam.”

President Barack Obama released a statement Thursday calling the Nice event a “terrorist attack” but failing to mention “radical Islam”.

Nice_attack_“I_blame_France_for_their_careless_immigration_policies”_—_because_I_just_saw_the_results_first_hand_-_The_Rebel_-_2016-07-15_16.58.15Nice attack: “I blame France for their careless immigration policies” — because I just saw the results first hand

France’s foreign policy, which, yes, at times has been misguided, is not to blame. France didn’t cause the existential crisis that is plaguing and tearing apart the Muslim faith.

I do, however, blame France for their careless and reckless immigration policies and integration strategies.

While in Paris, I witnessed firsthand the increasing segregation of society, the hostility between French people and newcomers, and the pure incompetency of civil institutions.

I was covering a conference, and a journalist in our delegation had his bag stolen, including his laptop, wallet and passport. French police were docile and ineffective. They complained to him that they had no resources and were underpaid. They said they were too concerned with terrorism to have time to worry about crime.

I fear that France is becoming a failed state.

151104114937-twitter-black-lives-matter-780x439#BlackLivesMatter Psychopaths Whine That People Care More About #PrayForNice

France events to distract us from #BlackLivesMatter, NO!

— Y O U !!! (@L_Pkj3) July 15, 2016

Ok.seeing people who didn’t tweet abput #blacklivesmatter suddenly tweet about france….what??

— hi (@buterasIovers) July 15, 2016

@JoeBudden u think this France attack is to draw attention away from #BlackLivesMatter

— Capt Roy Mahoney (@EffYoTweetz) July 15, 2016

Hillary-Supports-violenceEXCLUSIVE – Cleveland Police have Issued “Stand Down” Order at RNC

Remember when thugs from the left attacked Trump supporters at his San Jose rally? The San Jose mayor and police chief claimed it would have been “too dangerous” for officers to do their jobs by defending Trump supporters.

That same “logic” is being applied by Cleveland officials, who have given up on even trying to control the radical left.

If you’re attending the RNC, do not travel alone. Be street smart and travel in groups.

Police will not help you.

Clinton Scandal-e1468417942311Exclusive…The Most Outrageous Clinton Scandal Is About to Hit the Fan

The following exclusive exposé comes out of an interview Monday evening with financial expert and writer Charles Ortel who has been investigating The Clinton Foundation and what you are about to hear will shock you. It’s outrageous and more evidence of the special rules the Clintons live by.

Mr. Ortel believes a prominent group – politicians out of DC – are about to take it on and it might be bipartisan. They will demand FBI Director Comey look into the Foundation.

OfficerFriendlyCleveland students protest ‘mere presence’ of cops on campus for RNC

Student have started a petition asking the administration to guarantee student safety while 1,900 police and National Guardsmen are housed at CWRU, and to limit the officers’ privileges during their stay. The petition had garnered just 360 signatures at press time, out of a goal of 500.

Chris Sheridan, a CWRU vice president, told The Times that many black students are concerned over the police presence, explaining that “in light of the national climate, they had concerns about police officers on campus in close proximity to them with weapons.”