Bernie gets his $15 min wage in the US Dem platform

From Matt Vespa at Townhall:

Bernie Sanders’ crusade to shape the Democratic party platform scored a win late Friday night, with the approval of an amendment calling for increasing the federal minimum wage to $15 over time.

The fight to get more explicit platform language around wages showed the Vermont senator’s campaign still fighting for the liberal issues that made up his “political revolution” even as his clout fades. More.

Reality check: Sanders’ main constituency will be entitled and aggrieved mobs, educated or otherwise.

I, robot, can do your job.

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  • I bet the riots are worse for the Democratic convention than the Republican’s

  • pdxnag

    Does he have a supporter who has invested in fastfood robots?

  • PapayaSF

    Every supporter of the minimum wage should know that it was designed by the original Progressives as a racist, sexist eugenics plan to disemploy blacks and women.

  • Samuel

    Fast food companies can’t afford to up the minimum wage for their workers, yet support automation instead because Neocon logic. If fast food companies hate their human workers that much the workers should revolt. Conservatives should be on the front line of the battle to raise the minimum wage yet they oppose such a horrible thing.

    • V10_Rob

      We’d rather use our efforts to see better quality jobs created. Slinging burgers is a low-skill task any high-school dropout can do. Yet they want to be paid a wage that will allow them to sustain a comfortable middle-class life style indefinitely. The answer is not to raise the wages on tasks that a monkey could do, but to get those workers into a real career.

      So the minimum wage is raised to $15, say a ~50% increase for simplicity. What happens to all those jobs already paying $15, typically more difficult or unpleasant? They’re going to rightfully want a ~50% increase, because their skill set requires more training/education/experience/grueling conditions. So now they’re making about $22. What about all those college grads already at $22? They spent thousands of dollars and several years earning their degree in their field and learning specialized and difficult skills, so they rightfully want a ~50% wage increase over their new wage cohorts. And on and on and on.

      A fast food drone is always going to be at the bottom of the wage heap, relatively speaking, because that’s where they belong. Go ahead, triple their wages. Everyone else’s wages will be tripled as well, because their value over the hamburger jockey is a fixed ratio. And then prices will triple in response, so the McJob still doesn’t pay the rent.

      • Samuel

        We could just have a minimum wage for every worker regardless. Wages everywhere are under pressure and headed toward minimum wage anyway. Why don’t we simply short circuit the process and take everyone down to minimum wage now, in one fell swoop? It would be a lot less painful that way. Burger flippers would not be spared. CEO’s politicians, teachers, actors, the US president everyone who gets a paycheck will get minimum wage. A minimum wage economy would give people a lot more freedom in choosing their career paths, and might lead to a lot more job satisfaction. Perhaps most importantly, it would save the economy a lot of money.

        • V10_Rob

          If you’re trolling, you’re being too obvious. If you’re sincere, God help you.

          All jobs will pay exactly the same, regardless of skill or unpleasantness? Right… Let’s see, should I spend my 8 hours flipping burgers, or working in a torrential downpour trying to restore electrical service to thousands, or maintaining the sewage system, or performing stressful lifesaving surgery, or confronting and arresting a knife-wielding drug addict? If we all get the same paycheque, why bother doing anything difficult, dirty or life-threatening?

          And don’t give me some line about ‘doing what you love is it’s own reward, so you don’t need to be paid for it.’ Corporations are already trying to play that card to justify screwing their workers. For instance, a local upper-class eatery asserts that the whole reason their servers work there is because they love interacting with the public. So being jerked around by the restaurant’s new tip system doesn’t bother them because the servers aren’t in it for anything as vulgar as money, because you can apparently pay your rent with the smiles of happy customers.

          TL;DR: To quote Office Space, there’d be no janitors because nobody would want to clean up shit.

  • V10_Rob

    Ahhh, there it is. Hillary’s sop to the Bernoviks to get them to turn out and vote for her.

    And if they really think she’ll deliver substantively on something that will discomfort the corporate cronies, they deserve everything they get.