Barbarism Again in France

The jihadist strategy: exhaust the police and push France into civil war.

Last night, during festivities to celebrate Bastille Day in Nice, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel—only one terrorist has so far been identified—killed 84 people, including ten children, and left 18 more in critical condition. It was the seventh terrorist attack in France in 18 months.

People had gathered on the popular Promenade des Anglais. As soon as the fireworks finished, a white van plowed into the crowd. The driver continued for more than a mile, mowing down everyone in his path, until he was shot dead. A witness described “bodies flying like bowling pins.” Documents found in the truck show that it belonged to a French national who was born in Tunisia. He was known to the police as a petty criminal, but unknown to the anti-terrorist service.

  • Norman_In_New_York

    Oh, boo hoo! The writer, and the French authorities are losers unwilling to do the right thing and expel the Muslims.

  • Barrington Minge

    Is it really so hard to figure out. Who is doing the killing? Not the Christians. Not the Jews. Not the Sikhs. Not the Hindus. Not he Janes. Not the Shintoists. No its the Muslims. Now really people, was that difficult?
    Our leaders just don’t want to face the fact. Ban. Expel. Jail. But get rid of them.

    • They won’t because the are guilty of having unleashed the Mohammedan terror in their own nations.

    • GrimmCreeper

      Could it be the Amish?

  • Gary

    What makes me sick is that many of the non-white immigrants in my area of Toronto feel free to opine about how France deserves the terrorism by muslims from the racism and forcing them into ghettos and poverty by the lack of jobs from bigotry to not hire them.

    What these immigrants are telling me is that THEY support the same slaughters in Toronto when our self-segregated minorities fall on hard times from the lack of skills to be employable when the Government grant money stops flowing.
    They’re setting us up for jihad slaughters and riots to torch Toronto by these racists that came here to use Canada as parasites and sloths the other Nation wouldn’t take in.
    Wynne and Tory met with the pro-hamas muslim refugees on welfare in regent park where threats were made by the BLM terriorists.

    Toronto is finished because it’s almost a majority non-white city when the national Stats show them at about 11% of the population. These ghettos create bigots that think that Toronto is canada and just assume it’s 60% non-whites or 30% muslims if they watch the CBC news each day .
    Wynne even made the Orlando vigil about islamophobia as if they were gay muslims killed by an infidel. Won’t be long before Toronto is a Detroit thanks to blacks and muslims bent on living in hell-holes to feel at home.

    My dad always kept a home area clean and parts of the street tidy, he told me that other people may want to live like slobs in poor areas but you don’t have to stoop to their level and accept filthy and never get out of poverty.
    The democrats trapped blacks in hell-holes to contain them and make more promises pre-election to get their votes. Well, 50 years later the poverty is worse and now they resort to terrorism and shoot cops.

    Why do non-whites resort to riots and terrorism as the default position when they can’t accept their short comings and find it easier to blame whitey. When Toronto is 90% non-white they will still bitch and riot.

    • Toronto will be very European soon. Very cosmopolitan.

  • Dana Garcia

    War implies two sides are engaged in fighting. A civil war in France would require the French to fight back.

  • adam

    As always, it’s important to examine the demographics. Right now, a quarter of France’s under 25 population is Muslim. It will be critical for France to welcome more non-Muslim immigrants, since a native French baby boom isn’t in the cards. France will need more African Christians, more Hindus, Chinese, Vietnamese, and so forth. France must ensure that the next generation isn’t more Muslim than the current one.

    The US is lucky to share a 2000 mile border with Mexico and not Yemen. Trump should stop beating up on Hispanics and focus his attention on immigration from Muslim countries.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Low IQ Central and South Americans pose a demographic danger all their own. Trump needs to build that wall and deport illegals…….

    • Dana Garcia

      A border with the Third World is no advantage: it is a gateway to crime and dysfunction.

      No modern nation needs immigrants because in the near future, many jobs will be performed by software, robots and automation. The few remaining jobs will be needed by citizens.