Barbarism Again in France

The jihadist strategy: exhaust the police and push France into civil war.

Last night, during festivities to celebrate Bastille Day in Nice, Mohamed Lahouaiej Bouhlel—only one terrorist has so far been identified—killed 84 people, including ten children, and left 18 more in critical condition. It was the seventh terrorist attack in France in 18 months.

People had gathered on the popular Promenade des Anglais. As soon as the fireworks finished, a white van plowed into the crowd. The driver continued for more than a mile, mowing down everyone in his path, until he was shot dead. A witness described “bodies flying like bowling pins.” Documents found in the truck show that it belonged to a French national who was born in Tunisia. He was known to the police as a petty criminal, but unknown to the anti-terrorist service.