Nottinghamshire Police recognise misogyny as hate crime

In an effort to make the county a safer place for women, the force has provided misogyny hate crime training to selected officers and staff for the past three months.

Odd that this was never necessary in the past. I wonder what has changed?

  • useless opinion

    The real misogyny is with the British Police who wont arrest arab/mulsim sex offenders who for decades have raped the girls and women of Great Britain. Nice one helpy helperton.

    • An ongoing scandal.

      • BillyHW

        Women’s suffrage is the original scandal that has led to all the others.

  • Hard Little Machine

    Except where Islam is concerned of course because that would be Islamophobic.

    • BillyHW

      Yeah, this will never be used against a muslim rapist.

  • Mal

    And when the offending musloid comes before a judge, that judge will rule as Judge Harry Van Harten did against Tamara Crowchief.
    The Brit version of Van Harten’s ruling will go something like this… “There is no evidence either way about what the offender meant or whether . . . he holds or promotes an ideology which would explain why this assault was aimed at this victim. I am not satisfied beyond a reasonable doubt that this offense was, even in part, motivated by racial or misogynistic bias.”
    Faughh! May the perps AND the judges that coddle the filthy bastards all rot. Damn their souls all to hell.