Gay Day at Canada’s Wonderland cancelled after no-hugging incident

Oh no.

  • RAMA44

    See what they caused?? That was the highlight of my bloody year!!

    • Damn!

    • Clausewitz

      You could always go see Kinky Boots. I hear every day is gay day at that show.

    • Clausewitz

      You could always go see Kinky Boots. I hear every day is gay day at that show.

  • Drunk_by_Noon

    Sounds like another made up ‘gay hate hoax’.

  • Reader
  • mauser 98

    France massacre.. Muslim terror..?… nooo… we deal with real tragedy

    • andycanuck

      I sure hope that’s not where the phrase, “A bug up your ass” comes from!

  • Cost-benefit analyses are in order.

    How much will it cost to enroll an employee in a Khmer Rouge-esque sensitivity program and how will that appease the perpetually b!#chy?

    • Projekt Kobra

      Nice avatar….I lived in Osaka for a decade.

      • Thank you.

        Osaka is nice. The castle is my favourite site.

        • Projekt Kobra

          Me too…I have so many memories of there…..I went and hugged the donjon on my last night before I left.

          Japan tore my heart out…only to come back to this twisted non-culture.

          • Well, Japan isn’t perfect but it’s not France.

          • Projekt Kobra

            LOL…no its not perfect…by any stretch…but Id go back in a minute..and I may yet.

          • It might be a saner choice at the moment.

          • Projekt Kobra

            My buddy in Michigan, his wife is still there…there are visa problems, and he keeps thinking that they (the Japanese) will not treat him well when he gets old if he decided to move back there…not sure their economy can be sustained as it stands…so where will the money come from to take care of their rapidly aging people?….Certain countries that used to be powerhouses, should, well…kinda “retire”..and let the next wave of countries…India for example, start making things…places like Ireland, and England, Japan, should kinda revert to a tourist economy, or scale back their heavy industry…particularly ones with limited free land, and decreasing population.

            Tourism is NOT an illegitimate source of great income…

            But as for saner…absolutely….

          • I think there will be nowhere for anyone to retire, just fewer places completely affected by the global meltdown.

            Japan is trying to avoid demographic doom by having more kids.

          • Projekt Kobra

            But what of the rural areas?…Go youtube some docs about what is happening to some of those places..its SO sad…schools closing…its all old people..all the young folks have left for the cities…leaving ghost towns…

            My buddy was offered a 2 million yen stipend, OR a cow (!?) if he would move to a rural area..and he’s gaikokujin…IF he can get his online job off the ground..(mostly teaching English, translating, and captioning), he is considering it.

          • A rural area might not be so bad for some reasons.

            However, these ghost towns are a sad reminder of how low Japan has gotten.

          • Projekt Kobra

            He is keen on the idea…if he could take his online business there, it would be perfect….especially if he can get to the nicer areas within a reasonable amount of time..which, thanks to their worlds best PT, he probably could.

            My girl and I would go to Kyoto for day trips…and we took the Shinkansen once, just so we could say we tried it..I couldn’t even finish my onnigiri before we pulled into the station >_<'

            But for 520Y we usually took the Super Express…22 minutes Shin-Osaka to Kyoto-eki, one stop in between.

            If he was worried about medical there, theres always Thailand, which he claims is second to none, and cheap.

          • I love the shinkansen.

            I rode from Osaka to Tokyo to Kamakura and all the way down to Nagasaki in seven hours.

            So nice.

          • Projekt Kobra

            I made a movie I would have posted on youtube before “dont be evil -google” took it over, I was filming outside the window, when a train coming the other way flys by..the whole car shook, for about 3 second it took to a shock wave…incredible.

            11 minutes to Kyoto eki, 3500Y…..22 on the Super Rapid…520Y….it was nice to go once or twice..I took my Mom on it as well…cuz we dont have anything like that where Im from.

          • Those aren’t bad prices.

          • Projekt Kobra

            Its the same cost for the Special Express, the Rapid Express, the regular Express, or the Local.

            The local takes an hour and change. Hell the “Rapid” takes 40 I think….

          • It goes at three hundred and forty kilometres, so…

          • Projekt Kobra

            Sorry, you started that trip in Osaka? >_<'

          • Yes.

            I stayed there for a couple of days, went to Tokyo, Kamakura, down to Nagasaki and back to Osaka. I had to fly out of there, you see.

          • Projekt Kobra

            Ah….seemed like a weird route.

          • I was travelling.

  • useless opinion

    They really bailed because the insane parking rates.

  • eMan14

    Sensitivity training… Screw that.

  • favill

    I’m wondering if by “hug” they mean groping each other’s genitals and tongue fµcking each other’s mouths.

  • Maggat

    ” told them to stop hugging “because this is a family park.” I’m glad someone has a brain in their head.

  • ontario john

    The horror! Now the kiddies can’t watch grown men with their wangers at them. Waiting for Michael Coren to be outraged.

    • Alain

      Oh, so Michael wasn’t there?

      • Justin St.Denis

        Prolly in the washroom…..

  • Projekt Kobra

    Sand rats fighting degenerate queers….win win for normals.

    I welcome this.

  • Minicapt

    No deaths resulted from this heinous crime; sad!


  • Clink9

    A larger crime, I’ve looked high and low and could not find one shit to give.

    • Justin St.Denis

      Many of us are flat out of shits and fucks to give. It’s philanthropically disastrous…..

  • Kathy Prendergast

    I wonder if they were really just “hugging”, or swallowing each other’s tongues? I find the latter behaviour revolting in public whether the couples involved are gay or straight, and if this was the case the employee had every right to tell them to cut it out or get a room.