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bigstock-Man-With-A-Beard-And-Mustache--80804270Books, newspapers deemed ‘privilege’ at academic conference

“They fear speaking out against the slave master because they have been intimidated and fear public and private humiliation—even at the expense of allowing the continual exclusion of traditionally underrepresented learners from gifted program services,” the document asserts. “Both mentalities can be observed over and over in many endeavors in today’s society.”

Participants are then instructed to think about people they know who have “slave” or “slave master” mentalities.

“Choose a road sign as a metaphor that describes your experiences, thoughts, [and] feelings, regarding how race/racism impacts gifted education,” reads page 24 of Dickson’s presentation. Forty-four road signs, including “deer crossing” and “no U-turn” are listed.

How about ‘Lane Ends – Merge Right’?

Gun Control WorksObama: Gun Control Now or More Terrorism Later

“If we really want to help law enforcement protect Americans from homegrown extremists—the kind of tragedies that occurred at San Bernardino and that now have occurred in Orlando—there is a meaningful way to do that. We have to make it harder for people who want to kill Americans to get their hands on weapons of war that let them kill dozens of innocents,” Obama said.

The shooters in the December San Bernardino attack were armed with illegally altered .223-caliber semiautomatic weapons. The Orlando killer used a different .223-caliber weapon, according to law enforcement, the Sig Sauer MCX carbine. The U.S. government described the gun as an “AR type rifle.” AR-15-style rifles have been targeted by Democratic lawmakers and gun control advocates since the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in 2012.

exercise in rioFrance ‘informed of planned terror attack on Rio Olympic team’

The head of French military intelligence said “partner agencies” had issued an alert about the alleged plot by a Brazilian Islamist militant, according to a report into the Paris terror attacks in January and November, which killed 147.

The French inquiry report was published as security services in Rio de Janeiro prepared to stage a simulated attack this weekend to test counter-terrorism response plans.

Black-Lives-Matter-Protest-640x480Police Arrest 41 in Black Lives Matter Protest Calling for the ‘Abolition of Policing’

“Coalition to Wake Your Ass Up calls for abolition of policing in response to police killings of Black people,” the group writes in a press release. “This group demands the dismantling of the police department, which includes disarming, defunding, demilitarizing, and disbanding police. We believe that security for all of us does not lie in use of aggression and force.”

The release stated: “Real security occurs when all of us have meaningful employment, educational opportunities that help us pursue our own life choices and the adequate healthcare needed to live fruitfully.”

lurchKerry says Iran deal has made world a safer place one year later

“As of today, one year later, a program that so many people said will not work, a program that people said is absolutely doomed to see cheating and being broken and will make the world more dangerous, has in fact made the world safer, lived up to its expectations and thus far produced an ability to a create peaceful nuclear program with Iran,” Kerry told reporters before leaving to attend a Bastille Day parade.

“The world is safer today because conflict in the region is not calculated on the basis of the potential of nuclear confrontation and nuclear explosion, and because we have the ability to be able to work through some issues,” he added, citing talks that freed U.S. sailors who entered Iranian waters and were released within 24 hours.

b7ace99346iran-missileGermans uncover massive Iran nuke cheating; GOP senators demand Kerry impose snapback sanctions

According to reports published by the Institute for Science and International Security (the Institute), Iran had also sought to purchase “tons of controlled carbon fiber,” a material which could be used in making advanced centrifuge machines.7 These reports charged that Iran was trying to use China and other third party countries to purchase nuclear-related equipment.8 According to the Institute’s report, “This uptick in activity in China corresponds to a reduced emphasis on enforcement in the United States over alleged illegal Iranian procurement activities,” and further charges that over the past two years, “the Obama administration has inhibited federal investigations and prosecutions of alleged Iranian illegal procurement efforts.”

Could you explain why such investigations and prosecutions of illegal Iranian procurement efforts have not taken place since the signing of the JCPOA, and why these violations have not resulted in severe and tangible punishments? If Iran is attempting to seek such materials outside of the Procurement Channel established by the JCPOA, why aren’t Iran’s attempts to violate the JCPOA and UNSCR 2231 treated as the transgressions that they are? We also encourage you to work with the JCPOA Joint Commission and U.N. Security Council to issue warnings to governments and suppliers and increase outreach to U.N. member states, alerting them to the possibility of Iran’s efforts to illicitly procure missile and nuclear-related goods—activities banned under U.N. Security Council Resolution 2231.

venezuela food lineVenezuela army deployed to control food production and distribution

In a decree, President Nicolas Maduro has ordered the army to monitor food processing plants, and co-ordinate the production and distribution of items.

The Venezuelan Bishops Conference said the rise of the military is a “threat to tranquillity and peace”.

1-Pokemon-GoIf It’s Fun – Ban It – Pokémon Go declared forbidden and un-Islamic

Abbas Shuman, deputy head of Al Azhar-Egypt’s top Islamic institution- compared the game to alcohol, which is also forbidden in Islam.

“This game makes people look like drunkards in the streets and on the roads while their eyes are glued to the mobile screens leading them to the location of the imaginary Pokemon in the hope of catching it,” He said.

“Will we find some lunatics walk into mosques, churches, prisons and military units in search of the missing [Pokemon]?”

ebony editor - killing whites not hate crimeEbony Editor Isn’t Sure Killing White People Should Be Considered a ‘Hate Crime’

After President Barack Obama said the murder of fives Dallas police officers was a “hate crime,” EBONY editor Jamilah Lemieux said she wasn’t “comfortable” with the use of the term to describe the murder of white police officers.

“I have to say, I would not describe ‘hate crime’ as the most comfortable word choice, considering these circumstances,” she said on CNN Wednesday.

US Army Color GuardU.S. military told to avoid 37 American cities for fear anti-police protests may turn violent

A U.S. Army North spokesman, Lt. Col. Jason Shropshire, said the safety of soldiers and their families is a high priority. “For security reasons, we don’t discuss force-protection measures that we put into place at our Army installations or the specifics of cautionary advice we provide to our soldiers,” he said.

“However, the advisory was to provide situational awareness for all Army personnel within the U.S. Northern Command area of responsibility who may find themselves in the vicinity of any protests (planned or spontaneous),” he added in a statement. “At this time, we do not have information regarding any specific threats to DOD personnel.”