Trump leads Clinton by 7 points: Rasmussen poll

Donald Trump has opened up a 7-point lead over Hillary Clinton nationally, according to a Rasmussen Reports poll released Thursday.

Trump has 44 percent support to Clinton’s 37 percent among likely voters polled by the conservative-leaning Rasmussen. Another 13 percent favor another candidate, and 6 percent are undecided.

Thursday’s survey marks the third week in a row that the presumptive Republican nominee has led Rasmussen’s poll. It shows Trump at his highest level of support in a Rasmussen poll since October.

  • The Butterfly


  • mauser 98

    watch CNN re Trump / Pence story and their adds for RNC Convention
    (with sound off ..all lies anyway)
    …pure Orwell

    • Alain

      Hilderbeast (the Clintons) has spent something like 56 million dollars in lies and anti-Trump propaganda to date. Trump is running against a notorious criminal or crime boss.

      • Norman_In_New_York

        Trump knows that by telling the truth, he can save a fortune in political ads.

        • dance…dancetotheradio

          He’s been keeping his powder dry for after the conventions.
          And she’s getting rope a doped.
          I’ll bet that she spends more than she’s got in desperation at the end.
          I do wish someone knew what kind of media buys have been made over the next three months.

      • mauser 98

        CNN Pence images from 1984 … angle , shadow

  • Clausewitz

    Just remember, the voting dead are not reflected in these polls. They tend to vote 100% Democrat.