Oh Oh…. In New Zealand, Lands and Rivers Can Be People (Legally Speaking)

Can a stretch of land be a person in the eyes of the law? Can a body of water?

In New Zealand, they can. A former national park has been granted personhood, and a river system is expected to receive the same soon.

The unusual designations, something like the legal status that corporations possess, came out of agreements between New Zealand’s government and Maori groups. The two sides have argued for years over guardianship of the country’s natural features.

Could this legal approach spread beyond New Zealand? Mr. Finlayson said he had talked the idea over with Canada’s new attorney general, Jody Wilson-Raybould.

h/t Dr J

  • The Butterfly

    Cuckoo cuckoo!

    • Yup.

    • Alain

      Well, it is New Zealand if you know what I mean.

  • Spatchcocked

    Mountains I held
    In the palm of my hand
    Rivers I ran through
    Every day

    I must have been mad
    I never knew what I had
    Till I
    Threw it all away

  • G

    Perhaps any lawyers out there reading this could answer some questions for me:

    1) How fucking stupid do you have to be to be a lawyer?

    2) How fucking gutless do you have to be to be a practicing lawyer and let some idiot judge render such a decision, then sit on your ass and say nothing; to not speak out at all?

    3) How fucking greedy do you have to be to accept a case like this?

    4) How fucking self deluded or just plain dishonest do you have to be to think this sort of bullshit legal pretzel-making somehow serves the public good?

    Any lawyers………Any at all….. any….. Bueller Bueller?
    Yes, real courageous bunch you ambulance chasing, low life scumbags

  • Nermal

    Just goes to show not all loonies live in America